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Ever had the feeling that the e-mails you send are being seen by some one
else other than the recipient? Or that they might be getting hacked by some
black hat. To over come this, ePrivacy’s Secured eMail software lets you encrypt
and password protect your e-mail, which can then be viewed by the recipient
either in MS-Outlook or with the free ‘Secured eMail Reader,’ which is a free
software for non-Outlook users. It comes with Secured eF2 software which
encrypts files and folders on the PC so that saved e-mails can be kept safe from
outsiders. The software uses AES encryption to generate dynamic code keys, for
providing security to all users.

Secured eMail is quite easy to install and it took us just about 2-3 minutes
to setup and use. The software works with MS Outlook 2000 and above, and embeds
a ‘Send Secure E-mail’ button in the Outlook interface, through which one can
encrypt and send e-mail. The secured e-mail is received in the form of an
attachment, which can be opened through the Secured eMail Reader.

Secured eMail comes with some pretty useful features such as ‘My Secured
Contacts’ located in the settings menu where you can add all your e-mail
addresses and their respective passwords. Now you won’t need to put passwords
again while sending mail to your contacts. However, put in the same password as
you have encrypted your e-mail with, and make sure the recipient has it before
hand. You can also send an unencrypted message in your mail, guiding the reader
on how to open the encrypted e-mail. This feature can be enabled or disabled or
set for first time use only, which would send this message to a contact for the
first time only.

You can set up either a
master password that is applicable to all e-mails or set private passwords
for each contact

Another key feature is multi-level password protection, where the sender can
decide whether to encrypt e-mails with separate passwords for each contact or
keep a master password for all mails. Secured eMail gives the sender choice to
store the e-mail (as secured or unsecured) at a particular
location on the hard disk, for later use.

The ‘Password Policy’ tool enables the user to set the criteria for e-mail
passwords such as the minimum number of characters required, whether they can be
case sensitive, and whether digits or special characters need to be included or
not. The sender can also set up system access protection if his system is shared
by multiple users.

Bottom Line: If you’re sending very sensitive information through
e-mail, then this tool could be an option to consider.

Price: Rs
5,400 approx
Meant For: E-mail users
Key Specs: Password protection of e-mail including attachments,
master password for all mails
Pros: Quick setup and ease of use
Cons: Only MS Outlook 2000 and above
SMS Buy 130352 to 6677

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