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With new viruses and malware being released everyday on the Internet, organizations need an effective and comprehensive solution to secure their network. eScan Corporate edition version 11 is one such Security solution that helps protect large networks from viruses, spyware, malware, key loggers, etc.


Applies to: 1-year subscription: 50 Users Rs 73,750.00; 100 Users Rs 125,200.00; 500 Users Rs 462,000.00
Meant For: Corporate networks
Key Specs: Low on memory usage, integrated remote assistance tool

Pros: Easy to install and manage
Cone: None
Contact: 91-22-2826 5701

SMS Buy 130863 to 56677


The solution offers features like remote connection to clients, auto back-up and restore of critical system files and Active Directory service integration. Installation of eScan was quite easy. During the installation, you can set the password for the Web interface. Once installed, you can create user accounts directly from its Web based management interface. In fact, it allows you to create groups for different departments in your organization and manage those individually.

After creating the groups you can install the anti-virus on client machines using their IP addresses. If you want to set policies like checking the content of mail for viruses/malware or if you want to assign the task, like disabling, enabling or updating security, to any particular machine then you can do that under the tabs, tasks, and policies for specific computers. Once policies are set, its two-way Firewall will check the outgoing and incoming traffic according to the policies. We tried to deploy it on the client machine and we were able to do it by adding the client machine through IP address (we did not set the range). We also successfully blocked the USB devices and torrents.

Its new secure web interface encrypts the data transmission between server and client, using SSL technology, making it secures against intrusion. Using its web interface, a network administrator can deploy security patches, upgrades, updates and can also monitor the clients. There are different other tools that are available for hotfixes. The administrator can download these hotfixes from eScan and Microsoft to update the clients with latest patches. eScan Corporate Edition’s Web Protection protects against threats from phishing websites. A network administrator can block different websites under different categories and can also enable and disable the pop-ups from different websites. It also has an option of time restriction for web access. It helps in minimizing the load on the bandwidth.

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For end point security, an administrator can restrict the usage of devices and applications. For devices like USB, you can either block it completely or give access using a password. It will also scan USB device before launching them. Through the password you can restrict the usage to privileged users. As far as applications are concerned, you can block games, IMs, music players, P2P applications like LimeWire, uTorrent, etc.

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Other features like mail anti-virus, anti-spam, help in checking the incoming and outgoing email. You can also block attachments in a mail and it will let you choose the type of attachments like exe, zip. Using anti-spam, you can also add a disclaimer to every outgoing mail. eScan Corporate Edition has an advantage over other security software like Kaspersky, McAfee which is the integrated remote assistance tool and Team Viewer. Using remote assistance tool, an administrator can provide remote support to the client. It also comes with the keylogger which other security solutions like Symantec endpoint and McAfee don’t have. It also lets the administrator block the IMs which other security software mentioned won’t.

Bottomline: eScan corporate edition version 11 is an ideal security solution for managing a company wide anti-virus deployment.

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