The evolving gadget industry: The rise of Accessible, Durable and Flexible gadgets

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Flexible gadgets

The gadget industry is evolving at a rapid speed no matter what the scenario is, despite the pandemic situation new phones and gadgets are launching at a faster speed than the usual time. Due to the rising demands of gadgets among the youth, producers and manufacturers are constantly launch gadgets in the market, with each gadget 2 steps ahead than the previous one. People all over the world are addicted to new gadgets and life is becoming difficult without a gadget leading to more dependency on technology. The implications of these new devices are vast, and there is still debate about whether their implications for young people are negative or positive.


These devices have positive effects on the young generation, according to studies. However, often it can lead to horrible changes in user behaviour. According to the reports, it has been shown that people who play games on the computer and gaming console have a great concentration. Their power of focus is significantly enhanced.

Gadgets are in great demand by the consumer as:

Gadgets give us the advantages of communicating with the outside world. Now you must be thinking how is it possible as with gadget we are unable to socialize, but don’t forget that if you are in touch with your long distanced friend, family or loved ones, it is all because of these trending gadgets that give you n-number of features. In view of this, it is fair to assume that gadgets are very important or maybe even "extremely important, especially in the current time.” These gadgets have helped us a lot in the current scenario to pass our time or work virtually.


It is difficult to access the latest trends, developments and knowledge without a gadget. All we've got then is television and radio. However, everything seems simpler and quicker with today's computers, PCs, smartphones, tablets, iPads, and more. With the help of Gadgets, we will improve our work. One can relate better to this problem if you work for online companies or if you have an online company. Gadgets can be very critical since most of the population relies on gadgets to perform their jobs and operations. For example, a call centre may enable the company to operate its business using a Laptop, headphones, and microphones. There is a huge demand for gadgets which show accessibility, durability, flexibility, and service-ability.

Accessibility - Innovations help us to eliminate barriers that used to exist earlier, and now those with disabilities can cross their barriers through new age innovative gadgets. Gadgets help us to connect with people across the world making various things accessible. With the ongoing pandemic and lockdown, we are able to connect with our closed ones virtually and this became possible only because of the technology factor. Gadget brands have made their products available virtually to all the customers irrespective of geographical barriers.

Durability - One mistake that many consumers make is getting carried away by flash selling and affordable discounts. In fact, brands often spend a huge amount to onboard influencers to shape customer’s opinion about a particular product. Before making a purchasing decision, one must focus on the product features and most importantly its durability. A product that may seem incredible may not be useful in the long run.


Flexibility - A gadget must be flexible to be used alongside devices like PC, mobile phone or laptop. It should have standard ports so that it can be used hassle-free. It should be lightweight, easily detachable and pocket-size or portable.

Lalit Arora, Co-founder, VingaJoy Lalit Arora, Co-founder, VingaJoy

Service-Ability - In order to fulfil commitments, most companies invest approximately or at least two-thirds of their marketing budget in the after-sales operation. But, rather than providing value, these expenses are generally made because most companies treat service as a responsibility rather than an opportunity to establish long-term relationships with their customers. However, after-sales satisfaction encourages consumers' trust in most firms, hence, making a big difference.

The loyalty and retention of consumers are no longer related to only product quality but also with the perception of better after-sales facilities. If customer loyalty is involved, it is important that we pursue sincerely towards after-sales service. Thus, the focus should be laid to make gadgets more accessible, durable, flexible, and serviceable.