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As PCs and laptops continue to go beyond just the work environment the
ability to remotely access them from anywhere is very important. There are many
different ways for accessing PCs at different places, some cost money while
others require some kind of firewall configuration or others simply are

Gbridge is an extension to Google Gtalk network service which offers you file
sharing and remote desktop capabilities all only requiring a Google account. It
automatically forms a VPN (Virtual Private Network) between user’s multiple
computers if logged in under same Gtalk user account. The VPN can also be
extended to Gtalk friends based on invitation. Gbridge has several built-in
features which bring together several popular functions such as folder
synchronization, remote desktop share (VNC), live browsing, automatic backup,
chat, etc. You can also run third party apps like Microsoft Remote Desktop,
Microsoft share folder, FTP etc on top of the Gbridge VPN and can have fine
control over what resources other people can see.

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Applies To: IT Managers
Business-class book keeping with multi-user support
Primary Link:


Setting up Gbridge
Download the Windows client from the link given above and run it. You’ll
will see a command prompt pop up and then you’ll be asked for your Gmail login
details and a host name. Enter these and you’re ready to roll. Now install
Gbridge on other PCs you own to create your virtual network. You need to use
same login details for Gbridge to recognize you all through. Once done, you’re
ready to stream files. Now simply follow the steps below.

This is the main
console of Gbridge. Here we’ve added two PCs. To add more PCs, click on ‘Add
friend’, enter email Ids you want to add to and click ‘Ok’.
To share a
file/folder with friends in your loop, click on ‘Create SecureShare’ (or
drag-and-drop the file folder to Gbridge window) and select friend(s) to
access it.


As you click on
any file, you can see the details such as persons allowed to access it, etc
and see the slideshows of images and download them.
To backup files,
click on ‘Add EasyBackup’, choose the directory you want to backup or select
an existing SecureShare and click on ‘Next’. Now select the frequency of


To autosync files,
click on ‘Add AutoSync’, select the destination directory. A configuration
window will popup, configure the file include/exclude list and set AutoSync
allows you to access Windows Desktop of other computers. Click on ‘DesktopShare’,
and then on ‘Configure DesktopShare (VNC)’ ‘and click on ‘Allow’.


You can also share
your desktop through Microsoft Remote Desktop. Click on ‘DesktopShare’ ,
click on ‘Configure Microsoft Windows …’ and check ‘Allow users to connect
…’ and select ‘Ok’.
You can chat with
friends. Click on any name in your friend list and click on ‘Chat’, a chat
box will appear. Now click on ‘Send My Share Link’ to share it with your
friend. You can send a desktop share invitation by clicking on ‘Send
DesktopShare Invi..’.

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