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Designer faceplates are not the only thing that can add a persona to your cellphone. You can also change the logo, add screen savers and ring tones. Of course, all the fun is restricted by the type of cellphone handset and service provider you have

Orchestra on your cell
ring tones are similar to regular ring tones, except that they play
several notes at the same time (for example, chords). Polyphonic ring
tones sound like an orchestra with various instruments like guitar, piano,
drum and sound effects played simultaneously. Of course, you need a
handset that is compatible to play these. Polyphonic ring tones cannot be
sent through regular SMS. You need a WAP gateway and WAP compliant
cellphone to exchange polyphonic ring tones. 

Logos and screensavers
You don’t have to carry the logo of your cellular operator; you can change to something livelier.Websites offer logos and screensavers for download, and some even let you create your own over the Net. Many cellular service providers also give this feature at their website, and some have tied up with third parties to provide this service. One such is Yahoo India
(, which has tied up with six cellular operators, namely Orange, Hutch, Celforce,, Command and Escotel. The website lets you send everything from ring tones, picture messages, jokes to 
stock quotes and currency exchange rates. 

Links to get you started

Free evaluation copy of Composer for Ringtones

Free evaluation copy of Logomanager 

Design a logo guide

Besides the service providers, there’s also a lot of software that let’s you create logos, screensavers, etc. Logo Express for Nokia is one such software, which can import numerous image formats for editing and can upload it to your Nokia handset using a data cable. If you have a WAP connection, you can go to sites like, and download animated screensavers. 

Ring Tones
Cellphone ring tones are in RTTTL (Ringing Tone Text Transfer Language) format. This is a string of numbers, alphabets and symbols. You can either use many of the popular websites to send ring tones to your handset or use software tools to convert MIDI files to RTTTL format. One such free software called RingTone Converter is available from websites like It converts midi files to ring-tone format. You’ll need your cellphone’s data cable to be able to upload the ring tone from your PC. After uploading it to your cellphone, you can also SMS these ring tones to others. Another method creates ring tones in binary format. The Nokia melody composer on various handsets uses this format, and you can also find it on certain websites. 

You’ll find most of these software on our next month’s CD. 

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