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New Update

A Website-creation software aimed at small and medium businesses. It has a number of in-built site themes containing various samples and a catalog wizard that takes you through six stages of building your online store. 


You just have to select a site theme, and enter the items you want to sell online. You can add thousands of products and categories along with their prices. The products selected by customers go into a shopping cart, and the total price is calculated.

The Website created by ezimerchant is broadly divided into four parts–the home page, About us that contains information about your company, a Contact page that fires up the customer’s e-mail client to send you a query, and the Product pages containing all the items you deal in. All orders placed by customers on the site can be e-mailed to you together with credit card information, and you have to work out a delivery mechanism for the products. The order information is also e-mailed to the customer.

The best part about the software is its price. It costs just Rs 15,000, with no hidden costs. This means that besides the software, all you need is a dial-up connection, and a registered Internet domain. 

The company offering the software, Moksh Technology

(, has its own secure servers with SSL, where you can host the site you create with ezimerchant. The hosting is free for the first month, but costs $20 per month subsequently. 

The product is set to be launched sometime in

the middle of February.