FAMAS in PUBG Mobile: The Best Assault Rifle Yet?

FAMAS is the newest addition to the in-game arsenal of PUBG Mobile. Does it have the potential to be the best assault rifle the game has ever seen?

Boudhaditya Sanyal
New Update

The PUBG update introduced players to a new weapon in the shape of FAMAS. It's been almost a month since it came out, and it is important to see how well it compares against other 5.56 weapons like M416, Scar-L etc. Unlike other 5.56 assault rifles, this weapon is designed for close combat fights. There is a high possibility that this would be the first 5.56 assault rifle that will outperform AKM and Beryl M762 and SMGs in close range situations. So how much damage does it deal and how much better it is, if it is than other 5.56 assault rifles?



The gun has headshot damage of 87.3, body damage of 37.9 and limbs damage of 17.1. This is when the players are not wearing any helmet or vest. If you use helmets and vests then the damage will be reduced by up to 55%. It looks like the FAMAS deals approximately 8% less damage than M4 but does it really matter? Since FAMAS can shoot about 20 to 25% faster than M4, it totally recovers the low damage and converts it into high damage per second. The damage per second done by FAMAS is 480 which is significantly more than M4(426), Beryl M762(478) and AKM(470).



When you are using this weapon for the very first time, one thing you will notice that is the recoil. It feels difficult to control especially for mid-range but as time passes, you will get used to the recoil, and you will know exactly how much you need to pull down your weapon to control the recoil. The horizontal recoil of the gun is on a higher side and the bullets start going everywhere from the beginning of the spray and this makes the whole spray fall apart. One major reason behind this is the lack of attachments that can be put on this gun. It only has the option of a muzzle attachment and that does not reduce the recoil by much.


When compared to 7.62 weapons like AKM and Beryl M762, FAMAS may have a lower vertical recoil but the horizontal is still the highest which makes it harder to control than AKM or Beryl M762. Even though the FAMAS has a low vertical recoil it doesn't matter since it's easy to predict the vertical recoil because it only goes up in one direction but the horizontal recoil on the other side is unpredictable because it can go either left or right or maybe both, so it is not recommended using the FAMAS for shooting at mid to long-range.

It's a really good weapon in close range but as the distance increases it will lose its effectiveness just like an SMG but for FAMAS is its recoil. However, every time you use this weapon in close combat fights, you are most likely to win every single time. FAMAS would make a really great combination with M416 where FAMAS dominates in close range and rest is dominated by M416.

There are some disadvantages to the gun as well. It has a lower magazine size of 25 bullets and with extended it is 35. The recoil speed is also very low and can take a significant amount of time for players to reload which can take the game away. However, this does not change the fact that it is a good weapon and should be available on every map soon.

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