FCB India: Creating Ads, Easily

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Solution Requirement

FCB India makes huge number of ads every week leading to appx 15 TB storage in a year. In a normal process, account management team will send the ads over the secured FTP server once the ads are ready. Also, very often the client tends to come back & ask for historic ads on various criteria, at odd times, and on weekends… basically 24*7. It is not possible for account FCB India management team to have all the ads on their laptops at any given time. So, they needed a solution to address these concerns among many. To summarize some of the concerns are listed below.

I. Operational
II. Storage
III. Security
IV. Employee Morale

Solution Deployment

FCB India developed iGloveBox tool which allows creative & account management teams to upload the artworks. The artworks can be uploaded on various criteria. Once they are uploaded, the clients, In house Agency users as well as the client’s ecosystem can download the same. Only after the client approves, the client partners can download the artwork if the access is shared with the partner team.The entire assess to the artwork is done by very unique access control system.

Solution Benefits

The portal has been instrumental in enabling seamless sharing of printable artworks from the agency to multiple vendors across the client’s ecosystem in a secure manner. Some of these improvements are listed below.

  • Saving 10000-man hours per year by Agency & Client Teams
  • 60% cost savings
  • Scalability and Flexibility
  • Operational Excellence

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