FIFA tips from FIFA pro Saransh Jain

We got Saransh Jain, one of India's top pro players to reveal his secrets on how to get better at FIFA. Read more to know

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Saransh Jain

We got Saransh Jain, one of India's top pro players to reveal his secrets on how to get better at FIFA. His achievements include winning the Virtual Bundesliga Indian Qualifier, Dreamhack Mumbai, placing top 12 in AFGC in Singapore, winning King of the Game in the Maldives and much more. Here are his tips on how to get better at FIFA:



This is probably the most important thing in esports. Obviously, with your skill what matters is being mentally focused on what you want to achieve. Every player needs to understand that success won't come easy and to always believe in a comeback, never back down and give your best. It's important to take breaks from time to time to make sure that you don't get drained mentally, to not panic and keep your calm in tense situations are some of the key attributes needed in a professional. You also need to stay healthy so that you're always at your 100% and not a per cent less.

What I'd suggest for players who want to get into the competitive scene or are new to it :

Don't expect results too early. I can't stress this out enough because I've seen people go into a tournament and lose, after this they give up all hope which is really not how it should be. I started out very well and went on a winning streak right from when I started but that's not how it'll be always. Practice, have faith in yourself and trust the grind. Always remember to respect your opponent, be humble and help others out whenever anyone needs help. Spreading toxicity is not going to be good for you or the esports scene in general, so avoid it.

In game :

Many people try to copy other people's playstyle but honestly speaking a unique style of playing the game is very important, practice your style, perfect it and always be flexible with it so you can change whenever needed, according to the position in the game. Trying to learn from seeing others play, following FIFA on YouTube etc also helps a lot. Try to watch the live streams and get to learn from players who are better than you. It's good to have a Plan A, B, C and D so that whenever something goes wrong you can immediately switch it up.

Keep your calm in tense situations and be composed, the game's not over till the referee blows the final whistle!

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