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FiiO’s EX1

FiiO announces the launch of the EX1 2nd Generation In-Ear Monitors with Mic in India. The EX1II is priced at Rs. 4299 and is now available for purchase at our FiiO India Store –


All Metal in a Sexy Black Housing:

The EX1 2nd gen utilizes in its shell both stainless steel and aluminum alloy, giving it a pleasantly textured yet stylish look and feel. While the EX1 2nd gen's exterior is of a different color scheme compared to the original EX1, its lustrous black color is sure to capture the attention of many.

Superb Sound Quality from Aerospace Materials:


The EX1 2nd gen employs a titanium driver diaphragm, a material commonly used in the aerospace industry. This exceptionally lightweight material allows the EX1 2nd gen's driver to better handle transients and to overall give a more clear and powerful sound than the typical dynamic driver. With the EX1 2nd gen you get both robust, full bass and stunningly clear treble, allowing you to be immersed into the music as if you were there with the artist.

Better Vocals for More Pleasant Listening:

The EX1 2nd gen has been specially tuned for more realistic and better-sounding presentation of human voices compared to the original EX1, making for a more neutral yet more satisfying listening experience.


Controls to do it all:

The EX1 2nd gen incorporates in-line music controls, a crystal clear microphone, and a call button. The in-line music controls perfectly work with the X1 2nd gen, X5 3rd gen, and other new FiiO products. In addition to the in-line music controls, the microphone and call button are also compatible with both the iOS and Android operating systems, which allows you to get outstanding sound quality without missing your calls. *Volume adjustment is not available for iOS devices.

Tilted In-Ear Design for more Comfort:


Compared to the traditional non-angled in-ear monitor, an IEM with a slightly-tilted design makes it easier for the wearer to get a more comfortable fit. And once you get it into your ear, you can easily wear the EX1 2nd gen for hours without discomfort due to the angled design not requiring deep insertion for a good seal and thus sound quality.

Tough yet Lightweight Polyurethane:

The EX1 2nd gen employs a polyurethane cable, specially chosen due to it being light, flexible, but yet tough against scrapes. This ensures the EX1 2nd gen is ready to go when you are.


Leaving No Stone Unturned:

From the 3.5mm L-type gold-plated plugs, to the left/right channel splitter, to the left/right identification logo, every single last detail on the EX1 2nd gen has been specially designed to give you an exceptionally pleasant experience.

Strict Quality Testing for True Reliability:


Multiple Ear tip Sizes:

Included with the EX1 2nd gen are three different sizes of ear tips, allowing you to not only choose the most comfortable size for you but also allowing you to tune the sound the way you want it.



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