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Do you bother about comments made by your friends or others on your products?
Are you keen on following and sharing what’s being commented on the Web just
like the way you follow people on Twitter? This is where BackType comes to your
help. The service lets you find, follow or even share comments from across the

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Applies To: IT Mangers, webmasters
Price: Free
USP: Get updates on your blog posts
whenever someone comments on them
Primary Link:
Google Keywords: Find and share

Whenever you publish a comment on a blog or on a website, BackType attributes
it to you. The service gives authors a profile with all the comments they have
made on the Web. BackType gives your comments a home where they can be found,
followed and shared. Working with BackType is easy. Simply log onto the site
mentioned above and register yourself. You will be taken to the Dashboard
straight as shown in the screenshot below. Click on ‘Claim Comments’, enter the
URLs of the websites you use while commenting on blogs, and click on ‘Import
Comments’. This brings you all comments made on different blogs specified. Now
to review you account details, simply click on ‘Edit Account’ and enter the
details. The Twitter updates page allows you to send updates of your comment
activity to Twitter. To do this, click on the link ‘Twitter’ in the right-hand
side, enter the login details and you’re done.

This shows the
dashboard. To create a subscription and get upda tes on a post, click on
‘Subscriptions’ and enter the blog post URL.
This shows the
URLs of websites you use to comment. Enter the URLs of sites and click on
‘Import Comments’.

Another feature called BackType Alert enables you to create an alert for
search terms. Whenever any such search term is mentioned anywhere in the
blogosphere, you get an email update. To do this, click on ‘Alerts’, enter the
search terms in the box and click on ‘Create Alert’. This lets you monitor your
personal brand, products and services. This also helps you participate in
discussions that interest you. Besides, there is one more interesting feature
called ‘BackType Connect’. It shows you the whole gamut of conversations around
an article or blog post. This include tweets and comments from blogs. To do
this, click on ‘Connect’ and enter the article URL and you’re through with it.

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