First Look: LG G Pro 2 Smartphone

Ashok Pandey
New Update

The tech giant Microsoft and Chinese internet security specialist Qihoo 360 have signed an agreement to fight against mobile internet products and artificial intelligence. Both companies team-up to work together and provide security to consumers using their internet products including Microsoft's chatbots Xiaobing and Qihoo 360's mobile security service, before moving on to technology exchanges in artificial intelligence

The agreement came into life when Microsoft products are facing strong criticism in the nation for their vulnerabilities. In the month of May, China banned Windows 8 OS in the nation's government offices on an apparent decree on using energy saving devices. Though, it is suspected that the Win 8 OS get banned due to its security vulnerabilities. Microsoft shaken the hands with the security firm that has "Orion" engine to increase scanning speed about more than three times as well as its "Retina" millisecond snapshot scanning technology supports to enhance system scanning performance.

China's CCTV aired a story, last week about the Win 8 OS that suggests its creating challenges to the data security of the nation as it is one of the means for the US National Security Agency to obtain personal data about Chinese.