Fix all your devices with Phixman

Phixman is a gadget repair company with retails stores in various cities in India. They fix all devices with reasonable rates than the traditional market.

Ankit Parashar
New Update
Phixman is a self-funded startup. It was launched in mid of 2015 by Shaad Rahman, CEO & Founder of the company, an engineer by profession. In a candid interaction with PCQUEST, Rahman shared the different USPs of Phixman and vision of the company in the gadget service industry.


Q1: Tell us about Phixman. 

Phixman is capable of solving major problems related to the service industry and they have catered more than 2 Lac customers. We are also available on the online platform which allows the user to shop services online. The best advantage with Phixman is we have a solution for every brand in the market for smart and laptop both which is available in the Indian market, with three times fewer rates and most advanced technology. Phixman services currently is available with more than 45+ stores nationally almost in every state in India.

Q2: What are the different services offered?


- Gadget Repair – From a fine dent to a major repair, every gadget repair is available at Phixman stores with most advanced technology and also to repair it within 24hours.

-We also have retailed of high-quality accessories items with most lovable brands.

-We are working on an idea in which we serve best brands with High Quality of refurbished at a very reasonable and lower cost.


-Provides instant cash facility to the customer for selling an old phone.

-Major brands like Huawei, Motorola & Lenovo are working with Phixman to bring out new devices on best rates with a fresh feel of customer experience facility.

-Phixman provides doorstep services to its Customers. They don’t need to go out in search of the service center; you just need to mention your address.


-We here at Phixman not just repair your phone but also provide

-Free Pick up & Drop service with complete transit warranty for the best customer experience.

 Q3: How do you differ from your competitors?


Phixman has a solid core foundation. We don’t just have a strong online presence but also we have an offline strong store set up where customer can come up with their damaged device for repairing. We see our competition sitting in Silicon Valley and aim higher with limitless possibilities into customer satisfaction levels.

Q4:  What is the after service that you provide?  And how many service stations are there currently?

After service we provide 6 months of warranty to the customer and also we believe in customer satisfaction as a priority and if they are not satisfied with the repair service we don’t charge them. Currently, we have 45 service stations.

 Q5: What are your future plans?

 To build a one-point marketplace for all electronic devices in the coming years and also have a target of 50 to 500+ stores in 5 years. Recently we are planning to have a collaboration with DETEL INDIA on different products. Yogesh Bhatia CEO - Detel India Group & Shaad Rahman CEO - Phixman Technologies Pvt Ltd. are working together overgrowth & development.