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Amit Luthra, Director & General Manager, Storage Platforms & Solutions, Dell Technologies, talks about the tech landscape in the New Normal, their enterprise storage solutions like PowerStore, the role of AI and the importance of Edge-as-a-Service.


Said Amit, “In this cloud world, storage has evolved. Most organizations in this cloud world are looking for storage infrastructure that can enable scalability to them that can be resilient, that can enable them cloud-attached storage with flexible multi-cloud accesses.” He added that it was important to empower developers to “Drive innovation with a single cloud platform that can converge Kubernetes, that can converge containers, that can converge even the virtual machines.”

On the changes taking place during the Covid crisis, Amit felt, “Healthcare and life sciences organizations need to unleash the power of data, transform their research and clinical care. It’s important that they have the right data insights.” He added that these organizations need to have a “Simply powerful data management and data protection right from patient bedside to the core data center to the cloud.”

Talking about their products and their flagship PowerStore family in particular, Amit explained that they had augmented software capabilities to increase performance; extended the advantage of NVMe Over Fibre Channel; ensured that the Virtual Machines write data into the storage without a compute layer; automated its data reduction; built resiliency with dual drive failures and brought SCM & NVMe together.


Amit felt that, “Edge will play a critical role in how organizations leverage new data sources to drive specific and differentiated business outcomes.”

He said, “5G is definitely going to set the next generation of network connectivity. When you want to unleash the power of Edge, it’s important to have very strong network connectivity,” adding, “It has the ability to unlock the true value of data in real-time in unprecedented ways.”

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