Fortnite V bucks: Tricks to Fix the connecting screen

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Fortnite has evolved into more than simply a game; millions of people now follow its culture. But regrettably, this game also has some terrible points in addition to its excellent attributes. Recently, many customers began experiencing an annoying glitch when playing the game that caused their game to stop and crash unexpectedly. It restricts the gamer from earning Fortnite V bucks.

Why won’t Fortnite get past the “Connecting” screen?

Although having a large number of concurrent players is a significant issue for a game like Fortnite, it is still a concern. It leads to collecting lesser Fortnite V bucks. The game’s servers may have problems for many users, including connection faults. Although specific measures consumers may take, these issues are often server side rather than user side. Players are therefore left with little choice but to wait for the developers to fix the problem. There are still a few actions that players may do to try to solve the issue on their end.

Offline servers are the leading cause of Fortnite joining screen sticking. Fortnite won’t work correctly if the servers are down because of how heavily it depends on them. Check Epic Games’ status page to verify whether Fortnite still has problems confirming this.

How to resolve the Fortnite Connection screen problem

There are a few workable solutions for players stuck on the Fortnite Connecting screen.

Examine Any Account Issues

Another explanation for this problem is that many customers discover that it often arises due to issues with their accounts. You must thus examine your account if you suspect it may have issues or that it may be blocked for any other reason. As a result, see whether you can hover to any other system and attempt to log in with your current Epic account.

You must either register a new account to play the game or contact Epic Games via email to inform them about the problem if you cannot get in. If this happens, your account may be banned.

Install Fortnite again

You, unfortunately, have no other option if you are still stuck in the connection screen other than to reinstall the game. Simply hover over the Add & Remove Programs page to perform what you need to. Then, remove the Fortnite game from there and install it once more. Without a significantly older PC, this will resolve all your problems.

Look up server status

Additionally, you can see if the server is online. Most of the time, players might get trapped on the connecting screen because of server downtime difficulties until the server starts up again. Therefore, you can hover over the DownDetector and see if other players have reported the same issue or not to determine whether the servers are functioning or not. Additionally, you may follow Epic Games on their official Twitter handle page since they regularly update it when a problem arises with their game.


Before restarting Fortnite, users should first try an application reset by just closing the game. Ensure your internet connection is steady and the game is updated to the latest version.

If it still doesn’t function, quit Fortnite and restart your internet router before starting the game again. For routers and internet-connected devices, a complete ten-second reboot is recommended. Users may be able to get around this problem by resetting their router.

Suppose none of these options are successful. Then there is no other alternative than to wait for an Epic fix. Checking the Fortnite Status Twitter account is a helpful tool for keeping track of current issues.

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