Foxconn 925XE7AA Motherboard 

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The Foxconn 925XE7AA motherboard is for Intel P4 processors based on the 755 socket with a 800/1066 MHz FSB. This was one of the most feature rich boards we tested, and of course the most expensive. The board is meant for the graphic designers and gamers, owing to its technical specs and features set. It has four DDR2 DIMM slots that can take up to 4GB RAM. It also has one PCIe x16 slot for the graphics, three PCIe x1 and three PCI slots. There's no onboard graphics. The board comes with three RAID-enabled IDE ports, and a whopping eight SATA ports. Audiophiles would also like this board for its integrated 7.1 channel audio. In addition, there are also two Gbe ports, 8 USB and 3 FireWire ports. That's not all. The board also features what the company terms as Super Technology. These include SuperSpeed for jumperless speed configuration; SuperBoot for faster booting; SuperRecovery for recovering hard drive data and reduce computer maintenance; SuperStep to overclock; SuperLogo to display your own personalized graphics when the machine boots; SuperBIOS protect, which is for virus protection; and finally SuperUpdate to update the PC BIOS over the Internet directly.


Wow-quite a mouthful!

We tested the board with a 3.6GHz P4 processor,512 MB DDR2 RAM and a 7,200 rpm hard disk, and used Sysmark 2004. We faced serious overheating problems with this board, and we suspect this to be the cause for its lowly score of 102 in this benchmark. We hope that it was only a problem with the sample we received, and would therefore strongly advise you to check out this issue before buying this board. The BIOS indicates the CPU temperature when running, so this can easily be

checked out. 

Bottom Line: Overall, this is one of the most feature rich boards that we've seen. If it doesn't overheat, then it could be a good buy, so do check that out.

Anubhav Verma