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There was a time when celebrities, mostly from entertainment and sports were considered no less than aliens, because there were no such medium to interact with them besides traditional postcards and letters.

But now with the advent of modern communication, things have completely changed. You can follow your favorite celebrities on various social platforms such as Twitter; get insights from their FB pages, YouTube channels and check their Instagram feeds.

Taking this one step further, Frankly.Me is one such platform which aims to set a more personal and direct communication link between you and your favorite celebrities. The mobile application is based on simple Q&A system that allows you to ask questions to the celebrities and they can reply to your answers through video selfies.

These steps will guide you to use the innovative application:

Screenshot_2015-04-24-10-06-12-01   Screenshot_2015-04-24-11-22-53-01[1]   Screenshot_2015-04-24-11-56-31-01[1]

Download the application from Android or iOS application store and sign in with Gmail, Twitter or FB accounts. You can also use the application through, the official website. The application has a clean user interface which makes it quite easy to use.

The Feed section has all the different categories. You can select a particular category to check which celebrities are available on the application. You can also check the number of followers you have, the questions you have answered, add a video intro and edit other settings through My profile option.

Screenshot_2015-04-24-10-09-01-01   Screenshot_2015-04-24-10-32-33-01  Screenshot_2015-04-24-10-13-54-01

The next step is quite simple, you just need to select the celebrity and shoot your query. However, there is one condition. If you want an early reply, you have to invite your friends to use the application and make them vote for your query, which can be done by requesting an answer to the question already asked. You can also share your questions on social platforms.

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For now the application has many known personalities from various domains such as Arvind Kejriwal, Kiran Bedi, Author Ravinder singh, Writer and Poet Javed Akhtar Ali, Singer Gurdas Maan etc.

Screenshot_2015-04-24-10-11-03-01  Screenshot_2015-04-24-11-42-08-01[1]   Screenshot_2015-04-24-10-28-51-01

And if your favorite celebrity is not on the list, you can send them an invite through Twitter. Besides this, a simple swipe up takes you to the section of various questions answered by the celebrity. You can even share their responses on WhatsApp, Email, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

(Unlike Twitter, the application does not limit the number of characters used.)


Moreover, if you think you are quite famous in your peer group, have a good base of followers, and deserve to be featured on the application, you can e-mail Frankly.Me team by telling them why you should be featured. This option can be accessed from the settings menu. But before that you have to share an intro video through FB, Twitter or WhatsApp.

We liked the idea of setting a two way communication between the masses and celebrities. Considering the growing sales of smart devices, the application can surely gain a large base of users who wants to connect with their favorite celebrities.

The application is available on Android, iOS and on PC.


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