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The world has moved from analog based surveillance to digital and is being used across enterprises, governments and personal for security. In large enterprises, IP-networked systems are very useful to monitor multitude of locations by installing cameras all across. Today you can remotely access images of various locations utilizing your computer network without having dedicated security monitors in a central office.

The why and how IP is gaining traction are multi-fold. IP surveillance is flexible being based on high-functioning and affordable network cameras and is highly reliable. It allows password protected access from any connected location.

Video Analytics in IP will help save costs by deploying a scalable system

In light of both cost and ease of installation, we are seeing a huge technological shift towards video surveillance over IP. This allows a security camera to be installed anywhere an IT network is in place, without the need for having another set of cabling. In addition, a move towards Ethernet is adding to these benefits.
Video Analytics, also known as IVS (Intelligent Video Surveillance) allows users to easily monitor and secure areas with security cameras. With this technology, businesses can easily monitor places of interest with sophisticated software that makes detecting threats or unwanted visitors simple and effective. It has algorithms that detect movement or changes in live and recorded video to see whether the movement or changes mean a possible threat.

These algorithms work by examining each pixel of the video and putting together all the pixel changes. If many pixels are changing in one area and that area is moving in a direction, the software considers this to be a motion. Depending on the policies and alerts of the setup, user will be notified of this motion. Any other action will be read by motion tracking software to follow the motion till it can be detected.

By using intelligent security cameras, server load is being made less intensive allowing deployment of a scalable system, which saves cost by avoiding dozens of servers only for processing.

Cloud storage will play a crucial role for IP surveillance

With the spread of digital recording technology, many advantages have become apparent –ease of use, advanced search capabilities, simultaneous record and playback, no image degradation, improved compression and storage, integration potential, and so on. However, IP equipment is based on imports and so the government has to cut down on import duties and taxes to reduce costs. With the increased amount of surveillance footage, storing them will need storage capacity. Cloud storage can solve the storage problem for IP solutions.

Easy integration with other systems & apps to make IP viable for all

The Access Control Systems that we offer has assumed great significance in modern day corporate culture. This system offers critical support in containing security lapses in offices, factories and high alert areas. The access control system permits entry of only authorized personnel or vehicles, eliminating any security breach. Today many different systems are used in most successful retail businesses. IP Surveillance solutions comply with open industry standards and can easily be integrated into other systems.

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