Gamers of India Have Spoken and Call of Duty Mobile Has Won in India

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PUBG mobile ban on September 2nd came as a surprise for many even if they were expecting it anyway. The line “PUBG game Nahi, emotion hai” was everywhere and every major media organization covered the ban of a mobile game. That is how big PUBG, a mobile game was in India. India unlike many other countries never went through the evolution of gaming like many other countries did for a long time. PC gaming is still a huge luxury for a huge chunk of the population and so is console gaming. PUBG Mobile didn’t need any extra hardware since anyone with an iOS or an Android device could play it with their friends and get almost the same experience as PUBG PC at no extra cost. PUBG Mobile revolutionized the Indian gaming scene and now it seems it is time that we all moved on from the catalyst that started the gaming revolution in India.

Call of Duty Mobile Wins India ka Battle Royal:

Call of Duty Mobile was and is the only competition to PUBG. What made Call of Duty Mobile unique when it was launched was its pedigree. Just like PUBG, COD mobile was based on the famous Call of duty games. This is where Garena Free Fire lost the battle. Originality is what makes a game worth playing. Call of duty mobile may not have been a game that was big in India but it was the third biggest mobile battle royal in the country after Free Fire and PUBG but that has changed now.

Many youtube channels that were making videos on PUBG or streamed PUBG have switched to COD. Many players have moved from PUBG to COD in India since the ban took place. What Call of Duty mobile offered to the players in India wasn’t much at all. The Call of Duty mobile India never really put a ton of resources in advertising the game in the first place and yet it has become the default choice of mobile battle royal for many Indians.

Call of Duty Mobile won India over specifically because of two things. The first one was the originality. Call of Duty Mobile never positioned itself as a replacement to PUBG or any other BR game. If you look at how the devs at CODM have designed the game, it looks like it is supposed to give mobile gamers a taste of COD PC titles on mobile. Now take Free fire which has always positioned itself as a PUBG alternative, that is something that players at least in India did not appreciate much or at all.

The second thing that worked in Call of Duty mobile’s favor was the fact that it had no presence in the Indian Game Streaming scene. There were hardly any CODM streamers from India while both PUBG M and Free Fire have well-established streamers and PRO players. So most of the PUBG M streamers from India started to switch to CODM and it needs to be mentioned that COD has the most popular BR in the market right now called Warzone.


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