Tekken 8 First Season Pass Could Include Tekken 7 DLC Characters, Leaks Suggests

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Lidia and Fahkumram are believed to be DLC combatants in Tekken 8's first season pass.

It appears that these characters will be included in the inaugural season pass with Craig Marduk and Eddy Gordo.

As usual, fans should hold off on getting too enthusiastic until they have official confirmation and take these leaks with a grain of salt.



Lidia and Fahkumram from Tekken 7 will be available as DLC fighters in Tekken 8's first season pass, according to a fresh leak. The lineup of Tekken 8 has a good balance of experienced players and rookies. Claudio Serafino, a character from Tekken 7, fighter Shaheen from Saudi Arabia, and Wing Chun expert Leroy Smith are among the returning cast members from the eighth mainstream game.

What characters can we expect in Tekken 8 Season Passes?


Tekken 8 is already set to receive DLC with 4 more fighter season passes. Tekken 8's first DLC character is Eddy Gordo, a veteran who has been with the franchise since Tekken 3. Based on a leak in December 2023, fans believed that Eddy was a Tekken 8 cheater. Eddy is an iconic character in the series.

While Bandai Namco has yet to reveal details about the other three fighters, a new leak has hinted at characters that may be included in the upcoming season pass.

This leak comes from data leaker Shootmans, who posted an extensive Twitter thread detailing a list of possible DLCs for Tekken 8. According to Shootsman, this information suggests how Fahkumram and Lidia from Tekken 7 will return.


These claims are supported by the character and fighting style listed, and even origin elements left in the game, including an unknown fighter from Poland and a character from Thailand who uses Muay Thai which implies descriptions that relate to Lidia and Fahkuram.

Shootmans also revealed evidence that Craig Marduk, another fan favorite and highly requested character, will return as DLC. This claim was based on how previously found information about Tekken 8 and a closed network test was left out of the final release, and Australia was included as the country of origin of an unknown character.

Shootmans believes that the figures will be released in the summer, autumn, and winter of 2024, although he does not know the order of the figures.