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Recently, we looked at some top notch gaming cards such as
the 7800GTX 512 and the X1800XT. Gigabyte has now sent us their adaptation of
NVIDIA’s 6600 GT. It is interesting because it has fan-less cooling, which
Gigabyte has, rather dramatically, named Silent Pipeline 2. The cooling
technology works like a charm and really does keep the card ultra cool, even
when we over clocked it to 515 MHz for the core and 1.13 GHz for the memory


Rs 9,775
500 MHz clock speed, 256 MB GDDR3 
Contact: Gigabyte Technologies,
MumbaiTel: 26526696

RQS# E14 or SMS 131402 to 9811800601

The bundle is pretty measly with just a video box that
connects to the S-Video port on the card and a VGA to DVI adapter. Manufacturers
really need to up the ante in bundled games for mid-range cards.

Our test rig consisted of the ASUS A8N-SLI motherboard, 1GB
DDR400 RAM, 120GB Seagate SATA drive and the AMD Athlon X2 4800+. This card is
an entry level gamer’s card, so don’t expect it to run the games with all
their bells and whistles on. You will  need
to tone down your graphics settings a couple of notches . The card handled lower
resolutions quite well but the minute we went up to 1600×1200, with even 2xAA
enabled, it gave us paltry frames. Note that in Doom 3, we kept the quality at
ultra levels, so if you don’t mind seeing slightly lesser detail you could try
high quality. The game just doesn’t look the same at those settings though.
The card did too well in Far Cry, except at 1600×1200, where it gave just 29.6,
again showing that it can’t handle maximum settings at all. Looking at the
scores, it does not give you a high FPS at max settings but it lets you play at
pretty high levels. This is due to a cranked up core, from 400 MHz to a whopping
500, and we overclocked it a bit more to 515 MHz!

Bottom Line: If you are
a gamer with around 10k to spend on a graphics card, this should be at the top
of your list.

Varun Dubey

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