Glassy Imagination

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Solution Requirement

AIS delivers top-of-the-line products and solutions. They use their glass product portfolio – which is the biggest in the country – to offer customized solutions that meet functional needs. As the company expanded its consumer base in both the automotive and architectural glass segment, they realized that the factor that comes between their consumers and holistic customization is their imagination.

The nature of the architectural industry offers the scope for a lot of customization. But, quite often these customizations are just limited to the architecture of the project and not as much on the aesthetic quality of the same. The challenge was that consumers were still not able to visualize the customization possibilities that glass offers.

AIS understood that the customers’ imagination can be triggered by showing them the different ways in which the glass can be customized. “Say, a pergola or a canopy, usually people follow a set style for these, the fact is they don’t have to. There is a lot that can be customized and it is only limited by their imagination. We wanted to nurture the imagination of our consumers so that they can dream better designs and bring them to reality,” says Vikram Khanna, COO – Consumer Glass, COO – Architectural Institutional Business, CMO, CIO, Asahi India Glass.

Solution Deployment

AIS wanted to devise a way, a solution that would aid in helping their consumers understand the varieties of glass products and solutions on offer to better their designs and offer functional benefits as well for your space. This is when AIS reached out to FutureSoft. FutureSoft worked together with AIS to create a mobile application “AIS World Of Glass” that showcases myriad architectural glass solutions AIS offers and also allows users to experience the unique offering.

Solution Benefits

Scalability: Being a media-rich application with various formats like images, videos and animations, Azure powered Trumpet made sure that the application can be scaled up and down as per requirement.

Data residency: Being hosted on Azure’s India data centres enabled AIS application to operate with low data latency and high performance, ensuring that the customers had the best experience without any downtime.

Easy Maintenance: Azure PaaS AppService and SQL Azure are self-managed platforms and require negligible administrative intervention. Azure’s PaaS deployments ensure backups and uptime making its management

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