Global Esports to bring esports degrees to India with Harrisburg University

global Esportsis bringing Esports Degrees to India with Harrisburg University, which is a STEM based university in Pennsylvania, USA.

Rudraaksh Bhatyal
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Global Esports

Esports is the fastest growing sport and among the fastest growing markets around the world. It has become an undeniable force and it can be seen in the fact that companies like Louis-Vuitton and sports organizations like PSG and Manchester City have partnered up with esports organizations. Many universities across the world are also offering degrees in esports and collegiate esports are slowly becoming a thing. The latest country which is jumping into the fray is India. It is all thanks to Global Esports and their partnership with Harrisburg University, which is a STEM based university in Pennsylvania, USA.


For those who do not know, Global Esports is one of the largest Indian esports organization with 12 teams across nine titles like Fortnite, Overwatch, Dota 2 and more. Their Overwatch team is the official entry from India in the Overwatch World Cup this year. Their Fortnite team broke the world record for the highest points with 162 points during the Fortnite World Cup.  In the press release, they announced that they would make various aspects of the esports degree accessible to India and other countries in South Asia.

Chad Smeltz, Director of Esports, Harrison University, said:

“This partnership will provide opportunities that will benefit both aspiring Esports athletes and pro players alike. It will kick off with Global Esports bringing their Overwatch World Cup Team from India to Harrisburg University’s state-of-the-art practice facilities to bootcamp and train before the Tournament.”

Dr. Rushindra Sinha, Co-owner of Global Esports added,

“Global Esports (GE) has been making significant waves in Esports around most of Asia with top tier performance in Overwatch, Fortnite, CSGO, Dota 2 and PUBG. We have been keen to expand our reach to North America for some time now and Harrisburg was the clear choice. This is the first time a partnership between a university and an Esports Organization is being forged. We are keen to partner with Harrisburg University as they are the primary disruptors of the educational system in this domain.”