Google has Released a Lifesaving Fall Detection Function for Pixel Watches

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It is now official! Google will soon make fall detection available on all Pixel watches. In October of last year, the tech titan hinted at the prospect of including the life-saving technology on its premium wearable gadgets in the future. The wait appears to be over.

Google to stay afloat in fierce competition

The capability is already available on Apple and Samsung smartwatches. Although late to the game, the newest addition will help Google stay afloat in fierce competition. Google users may now activate automatic fall detection via the Pixel Watch App.

Pixel Watch users to receive information on fall detection

From today, Pixel Watch users will receive information on fall detection in the Pixel WatchApp’s Updates section and the watch’s Personal-safety app on phones. It is an opt-in function, and consumers who wish to utilise it on their Pixel Watches must do it manually.

Pixel Watch’s latest function

  • According to reports, the function will activate around 30 seconds after a heavy fall.
  • The Pixel Watch watch will vibrate and regulate an alarm before flashing a notice inquiring whether the wearer requires assistance.
  • If the user does not answer within a minute of receiving the message, the Pixel Watch will automatically phone emergency services and reveal the user’s position.
  • According to Google, the Pixel Watch can distinguish between a hard fall, a misstep, and any behaviour miming falling motion.
  • Only once consumers share their experiences can the claim be validated.
  • Apple, Garmin, and Samsung now have mechanisms to detect falls and emergency SOS.


The Google Pixel Watch was unveiled during the Made by Google event in October 2022. The watch comes in two varieties: with and without cellular connectivity. The Exynos 9110 Processor from Samsung powers it. Nevertheless, Google’s first wristwatch was released last year, and at the time, Google stated that the fall detection technology would be available in late 2022, so it’s a bit behind. The Pixel Watch, on the other hand, has a 41mm stainless steel casing, a bright 320 ppi AMOLED always-on screen, a distinctive domed glass design, and a flexible sports band.

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