Google Integrates Bard with its Apps Including Gmail, Docs, and More

For its AI chatbot Bard, Google has introduced a new set of functions. Bard, which was released in March of this year, has undergone some significant improvements

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Google Integrates Bard Across Apps

For its AI chatbot Bard, Google has introduced a new set of functions. Bard, which was released in March of this year, has undergone some significant improvements. Google is doing everything possible to keep Bard ahead of the competition, from languages to multi-modality. With Bard, Google has optimized its other applications to give customers a smooth experience.


The industry leader in search is using generative AI to provide customized answers to its millions of consumers. Google claims that Bard is growing better at tailoring its replies so that users' ideas may come to reality.

The company has released some new updates that make the Bard the most powerful model to date. Bard now integrates with Google apps and services to provide personalized and useful answers. Additionally, other features introduced include checking Bard responses and expanded access to multiple locations.

Bard's biggest update is the English edition of Bard Extensions. The tech giant called it a new way to collaborate and interact with Bard. The extension feature allows Bard to display relevant information pulled from various Google applications such as Gmail, Drive, Docs, Maps, YouTube and Google Flights and Hotels. Basically, the extension feature provides information about all Google applications and services. 


What are the exclusive features of Bard Extensions?

Interesting add-on use cases include Bard asking all Gmail users to submit large dates for a vacation trip and search for real-time flight and hotel information. It can also use Google Maps to provide directions to the airport and even informative YouTube videos about it. Another possibility of use can be when applying for a job. Bard can be useful for taking a resume from Gmail and creating a short summary or cover letter for that job application. 

Google has stated that it is committed to protecting personal information. "If you choose to use  Workspace extensions, people won't see your  Gmail, Docs, or Drive content, Bard won't use it to show you ads, and it won't use it to train Bard's model," the company said, adding that users always check their privacy settings.


It should be noted that the Google extension library currently only includes Google apps and services. When asked if we envision expanding the Google Bard plugin library with third-party plugins in the future, Bard director Amar Subramanya said the company is currently focused on bringing all Google tools to Bard.

Shared conversations

Google now allows Bard users to share their conversations. The new feature allows users to use conversations shared by others as a starting point for their creative pursuits. To share their Bard chat, users simply need to share via Bard's public link sharing feature. The link allows users to continue the conversation in their account and continue from there.


Users can now more easily use the Google it button to double check answers. According to the company, this improvement can be useful for those who work with Google Research and Google DeepMind. After the new update, when you click on the Bard’s G icon, the chat room reads the response, evaluates the content and validates it based on the information received from the network. Bard also highlights the answer to give it more context.


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