Google turns 15, another milestone for the search engine giant

S Aadeetya
New Update

When was the last time you did not ‘Google' to find out about something that you want to be informed or know about? The answer could be 15 years back, which is when Google was first formed, and now 15 years after that day, Google has become a prominent part of our lives and it won't wrong to suggest that internet has more or less become synonymous to Google.


The company started its journey by being the best search engine giant on the internet, which enabled Google to compete and later supersede US based giant Yahoo in becoming the leading search engine and mail client brand in the world.

After conquering Yahoo, then Google decided to revolutionize the way people communicate with mobility and in came Android. With the help of Android mobility platform, the likes of Samsung, Sony, LG and many other global players have been able to work on affordable products largely due to the open source nature of Android ( originates from Linux). Google also managed to enter the web browser area with its Google Chrome product, which currently is more popular than Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer.

Like many other Google products, Android and Chrome follow the same principle of simple yet effective and easy to use. For a company that started up being a garage start-up, Google has come a long way and it can be safely said that it has conquered the software, the hardware (with the help of OEM's and Nexus) and services market.

We do not know whether the ‘Google it ' mantra will be a mainstay in the next five to ten years but for now Google has a long way to go and surely there is more to come from the US based giant with Google Glass another tech revolution set to enthrall the world as early as next year.