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Google has released the tech specs and a faqs section in anticipation of the shipping of Google Glasses next month. Users in the Google Explorer program, who had to purchase the device for a whopping US $1500, have also received updates on the shipping of the product. According to the technical specifications, the head display will show the equivalent of a 25 inch high definition screen from 8 feet away. Photos can be taken with a 5MP camera, and 720P HD recording is available. According to Google, the glass will get one full day of usage on a single full charge.A micro USB charger comes in handy. Google has also released the first Glass app called MyGlass, which allows Android users ot manage their Google Glasses and configure it. Unfortunately, a companion app is not available for iOS users, so it may be difficult for iPhone users to pair up their smartphone with the Glass product. Although the device has apparently only 12 GB of usable flash memory, it syncs with the Google cloud, hence users can keep snapping pics without being worried about storage. There is support for bluetooth and WiFi in the device, There is a bone conduction transducer which will

Also, according to the FAQ, the use of Glass may be limited in public places such as bars or movie theaters. Unfortunately, the FAQ also confirms that the Glass is not water resistant, and must be kept away from liquids. Additionally, there are also warnings against people who have underwent lasik surgery to consult their doctors before using the product. Also, children below 13 are advised not to use Glass as it may affect the development of their vision.

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