Google Pixel Watch 3 Patent Hints at Buttonless Design, Incorporating Gesture Recognition Sensors

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Google Pixel Watch 2 was unveiled during the company’s Made By Google event last month. The freshly launched Google Pixel Watch 2 smart Wearable, powered by a Qualcomm 5100 SoC, is set to hit more shelves worldwide. Still, whispers regarding next year’s Pixel Watch 3 have already circulated. According to a new patent filing, the Pixel Watch 3 may launch with a new sensor technology that allows users to manage the wearable with gestures rather than buttons.

Google has submitted a new smartwatch-related patent

Google has submitted a new smartwatch-related patent titled “Gesture recognition on watch bezel using strain gauges” with the United States Patent and Trademark Office, as first reported by Wearable. The patent details the inclusion of new sensors within the upcoming Pixel Watch that can recognise motions, including presses, taps, squeezes, and swipes. Introducing these sensors could open up new possibilities for using the wristwatch, as they can perform various activities like controlling music, accessing smart home devices, and seeing or monitoring heart rate data, among others.

This revolutionary sensor technology would eliminate the need for buttons in future Pixel Watches. Aside from the lengthy explanation, the patent provides some illustrations to explain how gesture recognition controls would work. The photos show a smartwatch with sensors on the display’s edge and no crown. We can see a user swiping their finger down the display border to increase or decrease the level in a music app. Squeezing the display on both ends of the Wearable also signals pausing a song or opening a notification.

According to Google, the buttons, bezels, and crown complicate the manufacturing and waterproofing processes. “Content on such a small screen is easily obscured when touching the device, making it difficult to precisely select and scroll because the user cannot see what they are selecting or scrolling,” according to Google’s regulatory filing. The IT giant admits that dials, spinning crowns, and other similar features are efficient and convenient but have drawbacks. As a result, including the sensors in the watch would retain the control techniques within the casing itself, resulting in a cleaner design. This would also allow the CPUs to communicate directly with the sensors.

Google has not disclosed any information about using gesture recognition sensors on the Pixel Watch

The patented technology may only be used for testing, and it will likely alter before the next generation of Pixel wearables is released. The Pixel Watch 2 was unveiled in October during the Made By Google event. In India, it costs Rs. 39,900. A Qualcomm 5100 SoC powers the smartwatch with 2 GB of RAM and 32 GB of internal storage. Pixel Watch 2 is preloaded with Wear OS 4.0 and powered by a 306mAh battery.

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