<strong>Google Pixel’s Car Crash Detection is now available in India: All you need to know</strong>

Google has discreetly updated the Car Crash Detection support website to indicate that five more nations have joined the list of supported countries, bringing the total to 20

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Car Crash Detectionon Pixel

You have to be aware of the iPhone's capability to detect crashes in cars. However, it may surprise you to learn that Google was the first to provide the function on their phones. Google included Car Crash detection into the Pixel 3 in 2019, and ever since, all Pixel phones have been able to utilize the capability. The capability is now being extended to new nations, including India, after previously being restricted to a few languages and geographical areas.


Google has discreetly updated the Car Crash Detection Support website to indicate that five more nations have joined the list of supported countries, bringing the total to 20. Austria, Belgium, Portugal, India, and Switzerland are among the nations that have recently received assistance. Nevertheless, Hindi is not currently supported by this function.

Who was the first to launch the Crash Detection feature?

The feature was first introduced in 2019 with the Pixel 3. It employs location, motion sensors, and nearby sounds to identify car crashes. In the event of a crash being detected, the phone can autonomously contact emergency services while simultaneously providing the user's precise location.


Unfortunately, Hindi is not yet supported by this feature. To access the Car Crash Detection feature, one needs to have Pixel 4a or any subsequent models, along with an active SIM card. The Safety app on Google Pixel phones includes the feature of Car Crash Detection.

To activate the Car Crash Detection feature on Pixel phones, follow these steps:

To enable the car crash detection feature on your phone's Personal Safety app, please adhere to the following instructions:


Car Crash Detection is accessible on Pixel 4a and afterward. Do note that the phone must have an active SIM card.

  1. Open the app on your phone.
  2. Tap on the "Highlights" option.
  3. Scroll down to discover "Car crash detection" and tap on it.
  4. Next, set up the feature by taking after the prompts.
  5. When inquired to share your location, tap "Allow while app is in use."
  6. When asked to share your microphone and physical action, tap "Allow."

If you’re ever in an extreme car crash, your phone can consequently call emergency services such as 121 in India and share your location.


Have you ever wondered how Google Pixel's Car Crash Detection works?

Google's Pixel phones are equipped with powerful technology that allows them to detect car crashes using location services, motion sensors, and nearby sound detection. In the event of a crash being detected, your phone can contact emergency services through Android's Emergency Location Service. On the other hand, it should be noted that this feature may not be able to detect every single crash event, as it can be activated by activities that have a significant impact.

In addition, please note that your phone might not be capable of dialing emergency services in specific scenarios. This can occur when there is a weak network connection or when you are already engaged in another call.


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