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To get proper benefit out of Soil and Moisture Conservation Work, it was

needed to determine the exact geographical location where it was required.

Remote Sensing, GIS (Geographic Information System) and GPS (Global Positioning

system) were used to scientifically determine the best geographical location for

water harvesting structure. Since the database was already developed within the

department, they also got a ready made Decision Support System (DSS) for the

field officer to help him know the exact place. Using the three technologies

they can now determine the best location within the forest for setting up the

water harvesting structure. This has saved them time and money, and removed any

scope for personal biases of the staff involved. The water harvesting structures

improve water regime, eco-system and land productivity, ensuring all round

development of the society.


Since WHS was implemented in proper sites, this has led to innumerable

benefits in the form of improved water tables, improved vegetation cover,

improved crop productivity in Forest Fringe Villages. The time and energy needed

to identify suitable sites is reduced considerably giving the staff much needed

time for planning and execution. The prioritization helps in effective use of


Project Specs
Business problem:

A DSS was required for officials

for constructing water harvesting structures.

IT solution

Technologies like GIS, remote sensing and global positioning system.


Choice of the best possible location for water harvesting structure became


IT Implementation partner


Project Head

A.K. Naik, Conservator of Forests

Project Specs