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This facility, one of HP’s biggest in India is a fine example of a green
campus at various levels. For a start, the facility is spread across 23 acres
and has 70% greenery. In other words, the three concrete structures that house
the employees take up only 30% of the area. There is significant greenery in the
area and HP claims that not a single tree has been uprooted during construction
and that the structures have been actually built around trees. A natural canal
that cuts through the plot has been retained and a wooden walkway created over

The buildings incidentally have been constructed in such a way that there is
minimal use of glass, since having glass walls mean higher air-conditioning
settings for the incumbents. Natural lighting is significantly used in most
areas, reducing and sometimes nullifying the need of artificial lighting across
the corridor that connects the three blocks. All conference rooms, restrooms and
other common assembly areas have ‘intelligent lighting systems’ that are powered
by motion sensors. In the absence of any activity for more than 5 minutes, the
lights automatically switch off and air conditioning to the room is cut off. As
soon as a person enters the room, they are turned on respectively. As this
facility requires employees to work round-the-clock, the company claims to have
used such a lighting mechanism to reduce leakage of power as well as human
supervision. In certain departments, entire floors have intelligent lighting and
as the individual walks through, the lights come on and go off after a few
minutes. Employees are also encouraged to use any of the two open air
amphitheatres for leisure activities, sometimes even team meetings.

Interestingly, the landscape in the campus has a natural 28 degree decline,
and HP claims to have retained this in an attempt to not disturb the natural
living conditions of a monkeys, cats and birds. Interestingly, you enter the
first floor of the facility at one end and emerge in the basement on the other.
All the water used for maintenance of the green cover in the campus comes from a
water harvesting plant which is situated and maintained within the campus. The
sewage water generated is treated and sent back for watering plants and use for
everything except drinking. Recycle bins for used cartridges, batteries and bio
degradable waste could be found in abundance across the campus. All used
cartridges and physical computer components are recycled by HP through a
contract with an external agency and the visiting cards for all employees of
this facility come from recycled paper that employees themselves have used.

To round off the concept of a truly green campus, this HP facility has
recently started a car pooling club for its employees, and few of the many
benefits they have, is privilege parking (the regular parking lots get filled up
early and employees have to park outside the facility), and free return journey
shuttle passes in the event of one employee needing to leave earlier than
his/her carpool partner. Regular carpoolers also receive surprise gifts in the
form of movie tickets, dinner vouchers, etc. Talk of innovation in finding
reasons for doling out freebies!

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