Guide to Most OP and Broken Guns in Garena Free Fire- 2020

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Garena Free Fire is one of the most popular battle royale games in the world. The main attraction of the game has always been its low hardware requirements. You can run Free fire on any budget to Mid-range android phones with ease. There is hardly any lag in the game and it is a ton of fun to play with your friends.
Garena Free Fire recently had an update in which the game got some new guns and updated the old guns. Here is a list of the guns we feel are OP and broken.

The M82B is an OP gun in Garena Free Fire. This gun was added in the game after the recent update. The M82B can take down the igloo walls in the game easily. The damage on this sniper is 90. When compared to AWm and Kar98k the M82B is too powerful. Neither the AWM nor Kar98k has the armor penetration that M82B has. The gun comes with an 8 round magazine and is insanely accurate. The M82B is broken and OP.

The SVD Dragunov sniper rifle is the definition of the most broken gun in the game. If you have this gun in the game then you can just one shot kill anyone. This gun is so overpowered in Garena Free Fire that you don’t even need any tips or hacks. That’s why the only nerf added to this gun is how rare it is. The only way you can find the SVD Dragunov sniper rifle is airdrops or resupply points or get lucky enough to kill someone who already has this rifle with them. 


When it comes to assault rifles the GROZA is the best and most overpowered gun in Garena free fire. It is more powerful than the AK and has better recoil than AK. The damage of Groza is the same as AK but it has a better range which makes it excellent in medium to long-range fights. Add a 2x scope on it and you’re ready to get booyah-ed. 


THOMPSON SMG was added to Garena Free Fire after the new update. If you had asked me what was the best SMG I would have said the MP40 but the update changed everything. The Thompson SMG has a larger magazine than MP40. The rate of fire is a little lower but in the game it the difference isn’t that huge. The THOMPSON is more accurate than MP40 and has more bullets than the MP40. It makes for a great secondary gun in the game. 


The M1887 shotgun is the most ignored gun in Garena free fire. It’s sad that more players don’t know how powerful this gun actually is. The M1887 is the third gun that players can carry which most players in India don’t. Having played around with the M1887 shotgun I can say it is one of the best guns you should add in your weapons of choice in the game. It is more powerful than the SPAS12 and the M1014 shotgun and has a quicker reload time. It does need to reload faster since you get only two shots. Having said that, you need to try this gun at least once in the game to fully appreciate it.

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