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by March 22, 2016 2 comments

Often, people don’t keep a track of their expenses with less focus on savings, investments and emergencies. It’s always better to list all the recurrent expenses, bills, debts, and taxes which, can only be tracked if you have a budget.

In the age of apps, all this is like a breeze if you know your needs as there are many types of finance management apps available in the app stores.

From paying your tax, balancing our monthly budget to investment planning such apps are a must have for everyone. Let’s take a look at some of the best finance management apps available in the market.


Money View app gives a clear detailed picture of a user spending pattern by picking up all the financial messages from banks which is received on a mobile phone. It then presents an accurate picture of the financials. Security wise, the app claims that it does not collects or reads the passwords and personal SMSes. Also, no bank account ids and passwords are requested by the app.

If you receive SMS alerts for pending bills then that also shows in the Bills Due section. Trends shows your daily, weekly or monthly spending and cash management keeps a track on all your ATM withdrawals.


Smart alert feature reminds the users when a bill is due and also allows bill payments through the app. Expect this app’s buzzer to go off whenever you get close to exhausting your monthly budgets.

In the wake of recent malwares attacks through apps privacy is a growing concern for users. Money View deploys bank level encryption to ensure that user’s data is never compromised.

Money View is only available on Android right now.


MyUniverse tracks your income, expenses, and investments, and it can integrate data from different banks as well.

While the basic app is free it can only manage two accounts. If you need more features then you have to cough up Rs. 599 (monthly fee) which allows unlimited accounts. Another good feature is ZipSIP which lets you to invest in a portfolio of mutual funds created by experts based on your risk profile in few clicks.

However, one major security concern is that the app stores your bank credentials like the username and password.


You can set up automatic payments for your bills such as credit card bills. You can also buy stocks and mutual funds directly and it tracks your account, income and portfolio. As the app is connected to the bank, you don’t need to enter any data manually.

MyUniverse is available on Android and iOS.


Wally+ tracks your expenses and uses your location to automatically identify and categorize the venue. It can also scan expense receipts and the smart notifications feature updates you every time you reach your savings goal.

Wally+ is available on Android and iOS.


Mvelopes is another app which manages spending accordingly. You can quickly and easily create an online budget, track all your spending, and exactly how much more you can spend.


It categorizes your monthly budget by putting those amounts into envelopes. The free version allows 25 categories of envelopes and also syncs up with four accounts along with tracking online transactions.

Mvelopes is available on Android and iOS.

iExpense Diary

iExpense Diary allows you to add expenses category wise, choosing payment type such as credit card, cash and debit card.


To manage your finance it prepares a pie chart that helps you in tracking the category where you are spending maximum in a week or month. Based on the pie chart, you can easily re-evaluate your daily expenses. This app records the transaction category wise which makes it easy to track expenses. You can also export your statistical and graphical report to PDF and email it to yourself by In-App purchase.

iExpense Diary is available on Android and iOS.

With these apps, you can control your entire finances.

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  1. Jas
    #1 Jas 23 March, 2016, 11:19

    moneyview and myuniverse look very unsafe, not sure if financial data is safe in these apps, just checked there are few more apps claiming to be very secure – Smartspends and FinArt

    can u pls share ur views

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  2. Sidharth Shekhar
    #2 Sidharth Shekhar Author 29 March, 2016, 11:28

    Hello Jas,

    For MoneyView you don’t have to mention your name or account details as the information is acquired by tapping into user’s SMS data. So, technically it’s a safe bet.

    MyUniverse uses VeriSign’s SSL encryption technology which secures your data and transmits it in an encrypted format. Also, only the user can review his/her financial details.

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