Happy third birthday, Chrome!

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completes three years today. Here's a quick fly-by through

the some of the highlights of the past 12 months on the Chrome



and faster

  • color="#333333">We kick off the color="#333333"> Year

    of the Rabbit
      color="#333333">with a new compilation infrastructure

    for the V8 JavaScript engine, codenamed “
    Crankshaft color="#333333">,” which improves JavaScript

    performance by up to 66 percent.

  • color="#333333">Chrome's color="#333333"> new

    settings interface
      color="#333333">helps you find the right settings

    quickly with an integrated search box. It also provides direct links to

    each settings page, which can be copied and pasted for easy


  • color="#333333">The size="3"> omnibox color="#333333">  color="#333333">is improved to better suggest partial

    matches for webpage titles and URLs.

  • color="#333333">You can optionally enable color="#333333"> Chrome

    Instant, which shows

    relevant content in the browser window as you type, before you press


  • color="#333333">Chrome's built-in color="#333333"> prerendering

    technology  color="#333333">enables sites to build even faster

    experiences for their users-such as
    size="3"> Instant Pages color="#333333">  color="#333333">in Google search, which in some cases

    makes search results appear to
    size="3"> load almost instantly color="#333333">.




more accessible

  • color="#333333">Chrome supports many popular screen

    readers such as
      size="3">JAWS, color="#333333"> NVDA color="#333333">  color="#333333">and size="3"> VoiceOver color="#333333">to help visually impaired people better

    experience the web.

  • color="#333333">Print Preview, a color="#333333"> popular

    feature request, uses

    Chrome's built-in
      size="3">PDF viewer  color="#333333">to display the preview, and enables you

    to save any webpage as a convenient PDF file using the “
    size="3">Print to PDF


  • color="#333333">Chrome's icon takes on a color="#333333"> simpler

    look  color="#333333">to embody the Chrome spirit, since

    Chrome is all about making your web experience quicker, lighter and

    easier for all.



more secure platform

  • color="#333333">Our integrated and color="#333333"> sandboxed

    PDF viewer  color="#333333">enables you to view PDF files on the

    web without installing additional software. Furthermore, we built an

    additional layer of security around the PDF viewer called a “
    size="3">sandbox” to help

    protect you from security attacks that are targeted at PDF files.

  • color="#333333">Adobe Flash Player is color="#333333"> sandboxed

    on Windows, further

    protecting you from security attacks and malware targeted at Flash

    content on the web.

  • color="#333333">Chrome warns you before downloading color="#333333"> some

    types of malicious files
      color="#333333">with enhanced size="3">Safe Browsing  color="#333333">technology. In order to help  size="3">protect privacy,

    malicious content is detected without Chrome or Google ever having to

    know about the URLs that you visit or the files you download.

  • color="#333333">To provide greater transparency and

    control over the data that websites store on your computers, Chrome

    lets you delete
      size="3">Local Shared Objects size="3"> created

    by Adobe Flash Player using the browser's color="#333333"> built-in

    setting dialogs.



modern web!

  • color="#333333">The size="3"> Chrome Web Store color="#333333">  color="#333333">is an open marketplace where you can

    search for and discover web applications, both free and paid, along

    with ratings and reviews. Developers can add
    color="#333333"> in-app

    payments  color="#333333">to their apps for a flat 5 percent

    transaction fee.

  • color="#333333">Chrome supports color="#333333"> WebGL color="#333333">, which brings color="#333333"> hardware-accelerated

    3D graphics  color="#333333">to the browser with no additional

    software needed. For a taste of what WebGL can do, check out “
    size="3">3 Dreams of Black,”

    a 3D music experience for the web browser.

  • color="#333333">Chrome's support for the color="#333333"> HTML

    speech input API
      color="#333333">enables developers to give web apps the

    ability to transcribe your voice into text. Try it out on by clicking on the microphone icon in the search box.

  • color="#333333">Hardware-accelerated color="#333333"> 3D

      color="#333333">enables snazzier experiences in color="#333333"> webpages color="#333333">  color="#333333">and apps which use 3D effects.




new, simpler model for computing

  • color="#333333">Chrome is color="#333333"> enterprise

    ready, with an MSI

    installer and support for managed group policies. Many organizations

    such as Vanguard and Procter & Gamble have successfully deployed

    Chrome to thousands of users in an enterprise setting.

  • color="#333333">As of this past July, Chromebooks are

      size="3">available for purchase size="3"> in

    eight countries-the U.S., U.K., France, Germany, Italy, Spain, the

    Netherlands and South Korea. And just like Chrome, the Chromebook
    color="#333333"> always

    keeps getting better. When

    you turn your Chromebook on, it updates itself automatically: you get

    the latest and greatest version of the operating system without having

    to think about it.