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LG Cinema 3D TV 55LW6500

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The new LED 3D TV offers the finest in 3D viewing, and can also be used as your monitor cum display for board rooms. The front panel has backlit touch keys right under the screen and glow when you touch. Just like the TV, the 3D glasses are also sleek with a geeky feel and could be used over power glasses. For connections, it has two composite video inputs, two component video inputs, four HDMI inputs and two USB ports. You can connect the 3D smart HDTV to your PC, local area network with a built-in port or the internet for video browsing and streaming. The viewing has to be done from some distance , like 20 feet, to get the best visuals effects of 3D. 2D to 3D conversion is another interesting feature of the LG 3D TV, which allows regular 2D content to be converted for 3D viewing by merely pressing the 3D button on the remote control. In the Smart TV, there is a Home Dashboard that allows easy navigation through multiple options. The performance compliments the good looks and features. Blu-ray and 3D video playback is stunning and with the video quality of the HD content running really good. The 2D to 3D conversion and the 3D viewing brings 3D videos to life. The dynamic contrast ratio of LG 3D TV, which is 9,000,000:1, is very high, and so renders colour effects richer and the quality of content better.

Four 3D glasses are available with it and none are dependent on batteries or USB charge and hence are more comfortable and eco-friendly. This it owes to Film Pattern Retarder (FPR) technology. The technology uses a polarized film substrate in the panel and is viewed using polarized film glasses, made for flicker-free and crosstalk free 3D experience. LG Cinema 3D TV 55LW6500 is priced at Rs.1, 94,000, which is perfect for something which works as your office as well as home.

Sony Bravia 55HX925

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The new Sony 55HX925 appears slimmer than any other of its competitor and is easily the most stunning display around with 3.5cm of width. The left bottom has a power indicator and there are a few sensors that include a small camera, embedded within the frame. It comes with a camera for use with Skype. One demerit is the display when turned off, because the glossy screen reflects and can be irritating, although its gorilla glass coating provides extra protection, thus ensuring that you won’t ever see it scratched. The controls are intelligently placed on the back, since nobody uses the physical buttons anymore. The back panel also has plenty of connectivity options, such as four HDMI inputs, two rows of connectors, along with D-Sub to connect older PCs. Also, there is no component or composite connection on the TV itself. Presence of large vents on the back allows ventilation, and so kept it from heating up at all.

It costs 60k more than LG Cinema 3D TV, but the 3D effect, especially with increased depth is the best in the current lot.

BenQ E42

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Known as E42-5000, this LED LCD TV features full HD 1080p video playback, USB interface. The design is a break from BenQ diaplays and so is the slim form that impresses the most. The touch based control panel is located at the front and serve as channel button, volume, selecting the different inputs, menu and power. the placement of buttons is at the front which doesn’t look good, but that hardly matters since nobody uses display buttons when the remote can do the same.

Other connectivity options are located on the back and side panels and include three HDMI ports, component ports, two USB ports, PC audio port and a 3.5mm audio jack. The down facing connectors featured here, include component, SPDIF, antenna and a port for VGA. The back panel is made of metal and it looks really sturdy. The display quality is really good and the UI is easy to navigate, like any other good TV. The television boasts of a 120 Hz refresh rate. This helps in giving that smooth effect to content, especially scenes in which there are fast paced action sequences. The television can support a number of video and image formats such as avi, mpeg, mp4, mkv, jpeg and the files can be played video files of USB flash drives instantly. Blu-ray playback is very crisp and all colours appear natural and bright. In well-lit scenes, the television does well, with there being a lot of detail seen. The sound quality is not so great and to enjoy a video, one would need to crank the volume up to around 70 per cent. This is not good and one would need to pair it up with a sound bar or a speaker system to get good quality audio. BenQ E42 is priced at Rs. 49,999.

Panasonic Viera P65VT30D

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Plasma televisions have been around but because of price and the higher power consumption, they have really not hit that well with the users. The 65 inch plasma TV from Panasonic is anything but slim, at 6cm and 63kg in weight, like your led TVs. The Panasonic viera P65VT30D is the 65 inch plasma under discussion for its stunning offerings and 3D feature. It is made of a single sheet of glass and so looks highly elegant piece of technology. Cooling has been taken care of by the four fans located in the back panel. The other controls are placed on the right side of the screen and the input and output connectors are located at the back, so connections will remain accessible even if it’s mounted. The options include a SD card slot, a digital audio out port, USB ports, HDMI ports, RCA connector for traditional cable TV connections, Ethernet port, component, composite and other ports. It supports 3D glasses that give good viewing but require regular charging. Two 3D glasses are available with it. The glossy screen catches smudges very easily and reflects a lot too. Panasonic P65VT30D uses NeoPlasma panel that consumes less power, as compared to other plasma panels and offer better picture quality in 2D and 3D from different viewing angles. The TV also has capabilities, such as Viera Connect, DLNA, stunning sound quality to match the rest, the display quality. It may seem expensive at 3.75 lakhs, but its performance is far better than LED TVs. Its price makes it more suitable for enterprises or for big houses with huge rooms.

Samsung 46D8000 3D TV

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Samsung is known for its classy LED TVs and its new D8000 is no different. Graced with a thin form that measures 3 cm, it will look like a large 46 inch photo-frame on your wall. It’s looks compliments the performance and the numerous benefits it entails rich as 3D features, SmartTV, Internet connectivity, 2D to 3D, FullHD and a perfect interface. Samsung LED D8000 is framed with a super-narrow Silver Metal outline. The 3D viewing is helped by the featherweight 3D glasses with ergonomic design. One 3D glass is available with the display.

Last but not the least is the All Share application that lets you connect your TV wirelessly to all your compatible digital devices and stream your music, movies and photos stored on PC. To access this app you need to download and install it on a PC to search, stream and play stuff on your TV. It boasts of plenty of connectivity tools such as 4 HDMI ports, two speakers. 3 USB 2.0 ports with HD content playback. This is one of the best displays around that takes your 3D experience to greater heights. It is priced at Rs.1, 53,000 and has resolution of 1920×1080.

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