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W0D Caviar RAID Edition (RE) hard drives, from Western Digital, are designed and manufactured for the enterprise-class standards. It offers high reliability in a host of server applications including e-mail, file, video and Web servers, and demanding environments such as scientific computing, enterprise backup, document-image management, engineering-data management. Currently shipping in volume, WD Caviar RE drives are equipped with either Serial ATA (SATA) or EIDE interfaces and 7,200 RPM spin speed. With one million hours MTBF (Mean Time Between Failure), WD Caviar RE drives offer systems builders and storage system manufacturers, high reliability in high-duty cycle applications, where around-the-clock performance and high reliability are critical. WD has also built into its new RE drives a TLER (Time Limited Error Recovery) feature, which helps prevent drive fallout caused by extended desktop hard drive error-recovery processes. WD Caviar RE drives are offered in capacities of 250, 160 and 120 GB. 

Price: Estimated street pricing for WD Caviar RE 250 GB capacity with SATA interface (model no WD2500SD): Rs 10,500 (plus taxes); WD Caviar RE 250 GB with EIDE interface (model no WD2500SB): Rs 9,800 (plus taxes). They carry a 3 yrs warranty.

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