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Solution Requirements

Health&Glow Retailing operated on a reimbursement model. Store managers would spend first then make vouchers of the spent amount and attach their monthly bills/receipts to them. The vouchers were then attached to a Summary sheet and the advance request form. These are then sent to the regional offices (ROs). ROs would then disburse the cash as per the voucher amount which was then taken back to the stores.

All the movement of cash was made by executives specially appointed for this purpose. These executives were appointed as per the pre-divided areas. They were given bus passes for which they were later reimbursed. There was a lot of time being wasted in movement. Timely, money was not getting delivered. Reconciliation and accounting were tedious. Finance guys used to
verify and file all expenditures manually in Excel sheets.

Solution Deployment

Health&Glow Retailing adopted Happay Petty Cash Management solution across 60 outlets.

• Happay cards are allocated to every H&G outlet

• Outlet managers spend and report expenses on the mobile app.

• Finance team verifies expense reports with the bills and reimburses money on the store’s Happay card.

Solution Benefits

• The entire process is quick and cashless

• Happay’s settlement summaries give admins an instant overview of how much was loaded on a given store’s card, how was withdrawn and spent and how much is still on-hand

• The executives which were initially hired for just delivery of cash are now able to handle other important tasks

• Happay is saving the half day for 1 person so 15 days worth of salary is being saved every month.
• Finance head of Health&Glow Retailing refers to Happay as a tailor-made solution for retail petty cash management

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