HealthifyMe Announces Curated Online Foods Marketplace, EatBetter

HealthifyMe announced bold plans covering product, technology and global expansion at their annual event Ignite; that will act as anchors for its growth.

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HealthifyMe announced bold plans covering product, technology and global expansion at their annual event Ignite; that will act as anchors for its growth over the next few years.  The company announced the expansion of its platform with the launch of its curated online foods marketplace, EatBetter.


It also announced its international ambitions, with a foray into Southeast Asia. HealthifyMe also announced that it had raised $6mn as an extension to its $12mn Series B round earlier this year from existing investors and InnoVen Capital (a Temasek backed entity) to fund the new initiatives.

The company showcased significant updates across product and technology, starting with Ria, its AI health assistant that can now not just listen and read but also see foods, menus and even phone screens powered by AI-driven image recognition technologies.  

EatBetter – HealthifyMe’s curated food marketplace


HealthifyMe announced the launch of its online marketplace – “EatBetter” that specializes in 100% healthy, wholesome food products. This marks the expansion of the HealthifyMe platform beyond nutrition and training services. The marketplace offers a wide product catalogue curated by HealthifyMe’s team of elite nutritionists and is intended to handhold users through their weight loss and fitness journeys.

The product lineup includes health bars, breakfast cereals, cookies, roasted snacks, beverages, natural protein supplements, super seeds, dry fruits and trail mixes, priced between Rs. 70 and Rs. 500. The marketplace now has 500+ SKUs and the company plans to expand this to over 1000 in the next 12 months.

Tushar Vashisht, Co-founder and CEO, HealthifyMe said, “EatBetter marks our expansion into a completely new but extremely relevant category - foods. Over 8 million users from across 200+ cities log their food intake on our app, making us the largest repository of food habits and nutritional requirements of Indians. With EatBetter deeply integrated with the rest of our product, we can seamlessly steer the consumer to make the right food choices on an everyday basis, helping them stay healthy.”


International expansion – Launch in Southeast Asia

HealthifyMe announced its expansion into international markets, expanding its footprint into South-East Asia. The company has already launched its services in Malaysia. Singapore, Indonesia, and the Middle East are set to follow in the next 2 quarters.

The company has built a library of over 900 South-East Asian local foods with accurate protein, fibre, carbohydrate & calorie mapping. HealthifyMe has also hired a team of local nutritionist and fitness coaches who would develop personalized diet & fitness plans for its South-East Asian users.


Earlier this year, the company had launched its health consultation services to the Indian diaspora living across the world with a specific focus on MEA and North American geographies.

“We have always seen ourselves as a global product company and have built our app in line with global standards of quality and excellence. More than 10% of our 8 million userbases, 10% of our coaches & 20% of our overall revenues are already coming from International geographies.

Our foray into Southeast Asia is an effort to offer a highly localized and curated experience to users there, offering the same level of depth in terms of food library, quality of coaches and technology support, that our users in India enjoy. We are overwhelmed with the reception we have received in the country. We will enter more markets soon”, added Tushar.


Ria 2.0 and ‘self-learning’ diet plans

HealthifyMe unveiled the new avatar of Ria, the company’s artificial intelligence powered virtual nutritionist. Ria 2.0 can now not only listen and read, but also see & identify healthy & unhealthy foods from menu cards, phone screens and entire plates of food.

The company announced the launch of smart diet plans (starting Rs. 299 per month) that would be powered by Ria. These plans would be the world’s first completely automated & curated diet plans. It would represent the first instance of technology completely managing a human being’s health & fitness needs by designing personalized diet & fitness plans.

These plans have been built from the learnings obtained from the 3.5 Lakhs meals designed by HealthifyMe’s coaches for its users since its inception that take into account a user’s taste preferences, local cuisine nuances, weight-loss goals and medical conditions.  

Ria’s intelligence stems from the 200 million diet logs made by HealthifyMe users over the years. She can now be accessed through Alexa devices and can understand over 5 languages. Ria is the first port of call for over 35% customers today, even when they have a choice to speak to a human coach.

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