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1) Circle of 6

Platforms: iOS,Android

This is a very simple and useful app that allows you to add 6 of your closest friends, and send notifications to them if you are in need of help. With just a two-touch sequence, you can send all of the 6 friends an SMS saying that you need help, along with a map that automatically geo locates where you are. You can also send SMSs that indicate you need to receive a call to interrupt an uncomfortable situation, or to notify friends that you are fine at the moment. This can be a critical app in India, when people in danger can request help with minimal effort.

2) One Touch SOS

Platform: Android, Windows Phone, Java-enabled devices

Made by an Indian company, Ideophone, this is a simple one-touch app that sends a pre-configured message to three emergency contacts with the general location and a pinpoint Geolocation tagged on google maps. Many of the reviews lauded the accuracy of the geolocation used by the app. It is also offered in Deutsch, English and Espanol, making it useful around the globe.

3) bSafe

Platforms: Android, iOS, Blackberry

This app also allows you to configure a set of “guardians”, who you will be able to contact in any emergency. There is a giant SOS button on the main screen, and when touched, it immediately calls the main guardian and sends an SMS to the rest with your location-tagged map. With “risk mode”, you can allow your guardians to track your movement in real-time using maps so they can keep a track of your whereabouts. There is also a crucial feature called “timer mode”, which sets an bSafe alarm for when you are expected to be home safe. If you do not sign out from the app by the period specified, the app will automatically notify guardians with the entire route you took. The free version offers basic features, while the premium version offers the additional “risk mode” and “timer mode”.

4) FightBack

Platforms: Nokia, Android, Blackberry

This is an app specifically made for the Indian market, which uses GPS, SMS, GPRS, email and facebook to inform contacts if you are in danger. FightBack is unique in that it has a web portal that contacts can log into, and receive alerts if their friends are in danger. The live data is shown through the portal, along with an embedded Google Map that tags user’s location. Another powerful feature is that the web portal updates the user’s facebook account with the SOS message for all of their contacts to see. This provides the greatest visibility so that immediate help can be requested. However, the user can turn off this feature if they feel the notification is too public. But these capabilities are crucial in a time of need.

5) SOS Whistle

Platforms: Android

Sometimes, a loud and shrill sound is enough to scare off accosters. The SOS whistle is designed specifically with that simple notion in mind. Just open the app and click on the whistle button, and a loud whistle will sound out. The cool thing is it works even when your phone is in silent mode! Using this app in conjunction with any of the other apps listed above will provide a two-pronged defence against dangerous people on the streets. These apps do not require a data connection, but you have to enable your GPS and location services for the apps to pinpoint your location to the highest degree in any emergency.

Tips & Tricks

– Save emergency contacts prefixed with the “!” symbol. This ensures they stay at the top of the contact book for easy access. Also, tagging them as “ICE”(In case of emergency) is a standard for officials to use the mobile to call an emergency contact.

  • Emergency numbers: Police(100), Medical(102), Fire(101)
  • Women’s Helpline Numbers : 1091 (Toll-free in most states)
  • Save your important contacts to speed dial so that pressing and holding a single button will immediately call your closest contact

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