Here’s How Big Data Will Revolutionize Online Marketing

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With businesses realizing the power of raw data to create successful marketing campaigns, big data is going to be an integral part of digital marketing. Big data when paired with advanced analytics can provide many important breakthroughs in digital marketing sector. It can arm the brands with information on customer behaviors and purchases, thereby allowing them to make better decisions.

Here are a 10 ways data will shape online marketing.

Sophisticated targeting

Marketers are trying to find new ways to retarget customers based on their website visits and utilizing big data is one of the most important methods.  With updated analytics advertisers can now discover better ways to retarget clients.

Custom dimensions

Businesses are already using analytics in marketing through Custom Dimensions, a feature in Google Analytics. This feature allows businesses to:

Capture information about the people visiting its site.

Giving insight into their age, gender, and relationship status.

This business specific tool can also be customized.

Marketing Personas

Big data is great for customer profiling and it can be used to create buyer personas, which makes the marketing efforts customer specific. It allows the brands to customize their content like blog posts/ social media post to specific keywords and targeted customers.

Customized Paid Campaigns

Through Google Analytics brands can get to know about their target demographics before investing any money in paid campaigns/Google AdWords/Facebook Ads. Advanced analytics allows them to be more selective about paid online marketing efforts.

Offline and Online to merge

Technology has been witnessing high-growth and usage thereby allowing businesses to measure their real-world activities. By using sophisticated technology they can gain information which earlier was hard to capture. Brands can now analyze store visits and get them compared with website visits to determine the most effective solution for customer behaviors and tracking.


Big data allows businesses to see customers as they visit their online stores and present them with customized pages which are based on their previous orders and clicks. Newsletters/emails will be more personalized according to the customer’s interests.

Custom Ads

Marketers can build a digital campaign that focuses on their target customers who are more likely to buy the considered product. This customized experience will not be a nuisance for buyers who are tired of ad pop-ups on their browser.

Algorithm integration

Once the algorithm is embedded with the digital advertising management IT tools the targeted campaigning will focus automatically on the web users with the highest potential to convert.

Data storage

Improve the collection and storage of data with all the required tracking mechanisms at place to maintain an edge over your competitors. Data collection is an investment and should be taken seriously.

CRM integration

When customer relationship management (CRM) tool and data is fully integrated, you will be able to monitor and analyze the data effectively. This will give you a lead in preparing a strategic sales pitch for the potential customers.

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