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Here’s How You Can Download Pokemon Go in India

Pokemon Go is a first augmented reality app for Apple and Android devices created by Nintendo (Japanese multinational consumer electronics and software company). It has been gaining widespread popularity and has also given some incredibly hilarious online memes.

Officially the Pokémon is not yet released in India, so, if still want to play it then here is the solution. Here, we are going to show, how to install it on your Android and iPhone devices and also check out the Pokemon Go: A complete beginner’s guide, which will show you how to get started.

The good news is that if you’re in the US or somewhere else, where it already launched you can officially download Pokémon Go for Android devices and for Apple iOS devices as well. But for others, those don’t want to wait for the release in their country, here a way to install it.

How to download Pokémon Go APK for Android

Here are some instructions that you have to follow to install  Pokémon Go from the third -party website.


Download the Pokémon Go APK file

To run any app from an unknown source in Android first you need to allow your device by changing some setting. go to setting and turn on the option Unkown sources that allow the installation of apps from third-party or unknown sources.

Step 2: Now go to the Pokémon Go APK webpage to download and install the Pokemon go APK file.

Step 3: Once it downloads you can see it in your  notification area click on it and it will pop-up to install or just go to file manager and in the downloaded folder select the downloaded APK file and install it.


How to download and install Pokémon Go on iPhone

How to download and install Pokémon Go on iPhone

If you have iPhone and you’re in the region where it’s not available then you to have used this little trick with your phone to play the Pokemon Go because it only available on the App Store,


Step 1: To download the Pokemon you have to make your iPhone believe that you are in that area where you can download the Pokemon Go. For doing this, open your setting on your iPhone, tap on “Apple ID’ and select to sign out.


Step 2: Now change your location, go to setting and select General > Language & Region. Set your region as US, New Zealand or Australia – all of these regions can download Pokémon Go.


Step 3: Now open up the App Store. Search for Pokémon Go and it should appear. Also please create an Apple ID and select ‘None’ in the Billing menu and add  US, New Zealand or an Australian address. Google can come in handy here if you need to search for an address.


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