Here’s Why Infographics Work in the Age of Digital Marketing

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The future of visual content is bright and content marketers are already exploring new ideas to create engaging graphics. A good infographic is great for the audience because it helps them to understand the complex information by presenting it in an easy/interesting format. We have already witnessed the popularity of GIFs and a massive push by brands to increase their online user engagement.

Infographics are becoming one of the most consumable and most created types of content on the Web right now. Why? Because it only takes about 250 milliseconds for a brain to process and assign a value to an image or symbol.

The infographic is important because it is:

Shareable on social media platforms

People respond better to visual information than text

Infographic is a permanent linkable asset that retains it’s relevance even after it is published

Why is infographic important?

Infographics enable brands to gain traction and links in difficult, complex industries. All you need is data to convert it into something interesting.

From showing a timeline of any brand to providing new trends, infographics are the best tool to optimize the data for consumers.

Infographics also allow sites with little natural linkage to earn links from other markets. Also, infographic always gets credit regardless of the contextual relevance or credibility of your site.

Easier on the human brain

The human brain finds it hard to process large numbers and information. However, visuals increase the chance of the message being heard loud and clear by the consumer. Infographics bring together important tables, charts, and data into a single frame.

Good for newsjacking

Infographics are good for news-jacking because they offer something to editors when they’re reporting on news stories. They’re particularly important in this age of data journalism.

They are useful for data release and analysis as they help convey figures more effectively.

Easy on ROI and SEO factor

On-page visual elements provide more value to marketers than infographics. Infographics offer quick measurable results such as social shares, backlinks, citations, and traffic. These results allow SEOs to create a comprehensive ROI report for their clients. The viral nature of the infographic content makes people link to your site and Google Page Rank algorithm will index your website higher.

Your knowledge display

The research required to create an infographic will display your knowledge and will establish your position as an expert on your category or topic.

Infographic is going to remain the hot-favorite of the content marketing industry due to its usability and compatibility.

We are in the Age of Information, and we have the power to access almost anything we want. Our power of sharing is increasing and this is the reason why infographics are playing a key role in shifting our focus from text heavy content to visual content. Thanks to our decreased attention span, infographics is hot right now and will remain so in the future.

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