HiddenAds Malware: Delete These Apps from Your Android Device Now

Sushant Rohan Singh
New Update

There is a malware that is going around infecting android devices and you should know about it. The malware is called Hidden Ads and has been infecting android devices left, right, and center. Avast, one of the leading antivirus makers has been the one to discover it. They discovered over 21 android apps on Google Play Store have the hidden ads malware and these 21 apps have been downloaded eight million times all over the world.


Given below are the android apps that have been affected by the Hidden Ads malware:

  1. Shoot Them
  2. Rolling Scroll
  3. Helicopter Attack – New
  4. Assasin Legend – 2020 New
  5. Helicopter Shoot
  6. Rugby Pass
  7. Flying Skateboard
  8. Iron it
  9. Shooting Run
  10. Plant Monster
  11. Find Hidden
  12. Rotate Shape
  13. Jump Jump
  14. Sway Man
  15. Dessert Against
  16. Cream Trip – New
  17. Props Rescue

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If you have any of these aforementioned android apps on your device then it is time you uninstalled them. Google has already removed most of these apps from the Playstore but two still remain. Avast malware analyst Jakub Vavra “While Google is doing everything possible to prevent HiddenAds from entering its Play Store, the malicious apps keep finding new ways to disguise their true purpose, thus slipping through to the platform and then to users’ phones".

What is Hidden Ads Malware?

HiddenAds malware was first discovered in 2019. This malware as the name HiddenAds implies hides behind ads. In simple terms, Hidden Ads hide inside apps or games in android and once a user downloads the infected ads or games, Hidden Ads will activate itself to give users intrusive ads that are quite irritating and harmful to the device's security.

What makes tackling Hidden Ads malware so difficult is that it hides behind relevant-looking advertisements making them hard to identify. To uninstall Hidden Ads malware from your device you need to uninstall the infected app immediately. Google is already removing many apps and games from the Playstore but users need to be careful as well with what they are installing on their smartphones.

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