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Hard drive manufacturers have always focused on increasing the speed and
capacity of their products, but now they started making hard-drives efficient on
energy consumption. Hitachi too goes “green” with the launch of their 500GB
hard-drives both for desktop and mobile users.

Deskstar P7K500
P7K500 uses the HiVERT technology and also features Advanced Power Management
capabilities that results in better power handling during read-write operations
and also when the drive is idle. This 500GB power efficient drive has a cache
memory of 16MB and features a SATA interface that enables a data transfer rate
from drive’s buffer to interface at 3 GB/sec. This drive features a 7200 RPM
spindle speed, which, when compared to Western Digital’s RE2 GreenPower series
hard drive, is higher as RE2 had a sub-7200 RPM speed to conserve on power
consumption. The power consumption at idle mode for this drive is 4.8 W, which
is a bit higher when compared to Western Digital’s RE2, that consumed 4W at idle
mode. We tested the drive on an Intel Core 2 Duo based machine with 1GB RAM. We
ran the HD Tune benchmark to evaluate performance, it gave an average transfer
rate of 78.4 MB/s and an access time of 18.8 ms. Comparing these scores to
Samsung Spinpoint HD501LJ (reviewed August 2007), which had the same spindle
speed and capacity, P7K500 scored higher. It also scored well with 13.3 and 66.3
Mbps in the Business Disk and High-End Disk Winstone 99 benchmarks respectively.
This drive is ideal for desktops that are used as media-center PC or gaming PCs,
even for small data-centers the drive can be useful.

Price: Deskstar P7K500: Rs. 5,400 + Taxes

Travelstar 5K500: Rs.12,000 + Taxes
Warranty: 5 years
Meant for: Desktop and Mobile Users
Contact: Cyberstar Infocom, Bangalore
Mob: +91 9972580114

SMS Buy 130186 to 56677

Travelstar 5K500
Another 500GB hard-drive from Hitachi, but meant for mobile users, which will
rid them of carrying external storage drives as their notebook’s HDD has limited
capacity. Thus, a 500GB HDD in their notebook will satiate their need. Being
from the Travelstar lineage, this drive is frugal on power consumption. It draws
1.9W power during read-write operation and 0.7W during idle mode, which results
in longer battery life. The drive features a 8MB cache memory and has 3Gb/s SATA
interface with 5400 RPM spindle speed for enhanced performance. For reliability,
this drive features a 400Gs of shock protection that will safeguard the data
from fall and rough handling. To make this 2.5” drive for notebooks, Hitachi has
made it 3mm thicker to what is the industry-standard of 9mm thickness. This
means, you cannot just replace your present notebook’s HDD with this Hitachi’s
500GB drive. To counter this, Hitachi unveiled a second version to this drive
which complies the industry-standard for drive’s thickness and is aptly named as
TravelStar 5K500.B. Testing the drive on same setup as that of P7K500, we ran HD
Tune to get average transfer rate of 54.2 MB/s and access time of 18.4ms.
Comparing the scores to older Travelstar drives of Hitachi, 5K160 (reviewed on
October ’06) the 5K500 clocked a much higher data transfer rate.

Travelstar 5K500
Deskstar P7K500
Key Highlights
Deskstar P7K500
Specs: HiVERT Technology, Advanced Power Mgmt.,16MB cache, 7200 RPM
Pros: Power saving, massive storage capacity, faster operation
Cons: None

Travelstar 5K500
400G shock protection, 8MB cache, 5400 RPM
Pros: Massive storage capacity, reliability
Cons: Non-standard form-factor

Bottomline: The P7K500 drive is a good buy for desktop users seeking
higher capacity but having restriction of lesser space, while mobile users
should opt for the second version of 5K500 complying to industry-standards as it
will fit into their notebooks.

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