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For a long time now notebooks have been using 4200 rpm and 5400 rpm HDD, while their desktop counterparts have been on the 7200 rpm HDDs. Hitachi Travelstar HTS726060M9AT00 60 GB HDD, 7200 rpm hard drive for notebooks balances this. We compared it against its 4200 rpm Travelstar cousin and tested it on a Compaq Presario 2132 notebook with AMD Athlon XP 2400+ and 256 MB DDR SDRAM. In application benchmarks (Business Winstone and Content Creation Winstone) the 7200 rpm disk gave an appreciable performance improvement of about 9-10% over the 4200 rpm disk. In low level benchmarks, there were mixed results. While the 7200 rpm disk was better in Business Disk Winmark by about 11%, it scored 1.2% lower in the high-end Disk Winmark. The 7200 rpm drive did, however, have a much faster Disk.

RPM 4200
Winstone 2001 scores (Winstone units)
49.3 54.4
Winstone 2001 scores (Winstone units)
60 65.4
Disk WinMark 99 (Thousand Bytes/Sec)
6060 6720
Disk WinMark 99 (Thousand Bytes/Sec)
16100 15900
Access Time (Milliseconds)
18.5 14.7
Transfer Rate:Beginning (Thousand Bytes/Sec)
26000 3840
Transfer Rate:End (Thousand Bytes/Sec)
14200 20900

Access Time. This corroborates the high performance of the 7200 rpm disk in the application benchmarks, which give a more realistic view of everyday usage. In the disk transfer rate tests, which test the disk for raw data transfer speeds, the 7200 rpm drive scored much higher than the 4200 rpm disk. The transfer rates at the beginning and at the end of the disk were 38400 thousand bytes/sec and 20900 thousand bytes/sec respectively. The 60 GB drive is priced at Rs 20,500, which makes its per GB cost Rs 341. Overall, the 7200 rpm disk brings significant performance improvements over the current 4200 rpm disks.

N   A   P   S   H  
O   T

Price : Rs 20,500 (three-year warranty)
Key specs : Good performance, fast access times and high disk transfer rates
Contact : Spectra Innovations, Delhi. 
Tel : 25737668

Anoop Mangla

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