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KiCad & PCB
These apps let you create electronic schema diagrams and printed circuit board
artwork. You can perform Computer Aided Design in these software with a almost
professional precision.

A digital photo management KDE application that gives you image-editing features
like red-eye removal and color management.

Digikam: Photo gallery

Beneath a Steel Sky & Flight of the Amazon Queen
These are point-and-click adventures that have a long, complex and compelling
game play. These are not the super graphical games of today but focus more on
thinking and getting out of problems. These play under the ScummVM emulator.

Flight of the Amazon
Queen: Strategic game

Frozen Bubble
A very addictive game-the object of the game is to shoot the colored bubbles
with similarly colored bubbles till they fall down. With many, many complex
levels this can get you off doing productive work very easily.

Frozen Bubble: Shooting

SkyChart is a software to draw chart of the night sky for the amateur astronomer
from a bunch of stars and nebulae catalogs. Show the position of the planets,
simulate any eclipse or look at the artificial satellite. If you have a USB
motor powered telescope attached to your computer you can even control it from
within SkyChart.

SkyChart: Night sky
creation software

Gcompris and ChildsPlay
These are a bunch of educational programs for very young to young children.
Using colourful graphics, both programs teach a variety of things while keeping
it fun. Your child can learn things like computer discovery, Algebra, Science,
Geography, reading and puzzles. If you have a child at home, this is a must for

Gcompris: Educational


ChildsPlay: Educational

This is a SIP client for Linux that lets you make voice and video calls over the
Internet or network using the SIP protocol.

P7Zip compression has some of the maximum compression ratios compared to other
formats like Zip and Rar. It is the Linux port of the 7Zip archiver.

Although the included kernel has native support for NTFS compiled it, it does
not have write support for writing to NTFS partitions. The NTFS-3G does that.

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