Phoneline Network Card

A handy card to connect a small network
of PCs through a telephone line

Phoneline Network card

Network card Rs 6,400 (set of two cards and two telephone

Features: Simultaneous
voice and data transfer; has both RJ11 and RJ45 jacks

Pros: Easy to set up; good
price; can transfer files and use voice simultaneously

Cons: None

Source: 1C
& 2C Alsa Glendridge, 32 Langford Road, Bangalore 560025. 
80- 2273130-32 
E-mail: linksys@vsnl.com 

Targeted at homes
and small offices, this network card allows you to connect your PCs
using your existing telephone line. It”s similar to a regular RJ45 UTP
cable network connection, the difference being that the connectivity
is through an ordinary RJ11 telephone cable. This card is handy for
a small network of, say, four to five computers and you don”t need to
spend extra on a hub. You can connect a maximum of 25 PCs by daisy-chaining
them. The HomeLink Phoneline can also be used when the PCs are located
in different parts of the house, as long as you have multiple points
for your telephone line.

When you install
the card, there are online instructions that guide you to connectivity.
The package consists of two network cards with two RJ11 and one RJ45
jack. All you have to do is plug one end of the telephone cable into
the phone jack on the wall and the other into the RJ11 slot for all
the computers that you want to connect.

The card has a rated
transfer rate of 1 Mbps over the telephone line, which is good enough
for file and print sharing, e-mail, Web surfing, etc, over a small network.
As the PC also has an RJ45 cable, you can always upgrade your network
to a 10 Mbps Ethernet Network. Both RJ11 and RJ45 connections can”t
be used at the same time.

The package ships
with two sets of network cards and cables, a manual, and an installation
disk. The card is a good buy given its features and performance.

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