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Glary Utilities Portable: This is one of the most recommended freeware system maintenance suites. It combines a Registry Cleaner, Shortcuts Fixer, Startup Manager, Temporary Files Cleaner, Tracks Eraser, Spyware Remover, and more in one compact interface.

System Boost Elite: This is a full-featured program that can tidy up your registry, junk files, and more. The free version can only fix three problems at a time.

Files Terminator Free Portable: When you delete files and folders in Windows, they’re not really gone. To make sure something you want to delete has been wiped from your system, you need something like this to free space in your disk drives.

BurnAware Free: A full-fledged disc burning tool –fast, lightweight,
feature-packed. The program burns all types of CD,
DVD and Blu-Ray discs containing data, digital photos, music and video.

Advanced Onion Router: It is a client for OR network and is intended to be an improved alternative for Tor, Vidalia, and Privoxy bundle for Windows users.

Metro UI Tweaker for Windows 8: A lightweight tool, designed to tweak a few settings that are unavailable to users in Windows 8. The tweaks being offered are: Disable Metro Start Menu Screen, Disable Metro Ribbon, Disable Metro Start Menu and Ribbon, etc.

FBackup 4.8 Build 284: A backup application for both personal and commercial use. It protects your important data by backing it up automatically to any USB/Firewire device, local or network location.

Wise Registry Cleaner 7.45: Keeping the computer perfectly fit is not at all a
difficult job if you’re using the right tools. One of those might be Wise Registry Cleaner because it is designed to optimize your computer’s performance by erasing unnecessary files.



Windows Post-Install Wizard: While Windows XP offers many ways of customizing the setup process out of the box, its major drawback is the lack of being able to select which applications an end user may install. This helps you create one image which can then be custom configured.

RubyMine: It brings dedicated RoR project structure views, quick Model-View-Controller navigation options, Rails specific code completion, intention actions, and refactorings. This, entire plus best-of-breed HTML, CSS and JavaScript editing support and advanced web development tools, is the recipe for producing cutting-edge Web 2.0 applications.

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PhpStorm: A PHP Editor focused on developer productivity that deeply understands your code, provides smart code completion, quick navigation and on-the-fly error checking. It is always ready to help you shape your code, run unit-tests or provide visual debugging.

Rtext: A customizable text editor written in Java. Some of its features includes syntax highlighting, editing multiple documents at once, printing and print preview, find/replace/find in files dialogs, undo/redo, and online help.

Smart Action Pro: Smart Action Pro allows you to perform actions previously only available in workflows. You can now define and run these actions using browser. Assign multiple different actions and run them according to conditions.



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openSUSE 12.2 : The latest release of the Linux distribution brings you speed-ups across the board with a faster storage layer in Linux 3.4 and accelerated functions in Glibc and Qt, giving a more fluid and responsive desktop. The infrastructure below openSUSE has evolved, bringing in mature new technologies like GRUB 2 and Plymouth and the first steps in the direction of a revised and simplified UNIX file system hierarchy. Users will also notice the added polish to existing features bringing an improved user experience all over.

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KNOPPIX 7.0.4: This brings lots of new features and updated packages, such as LibreOffice 3.5.4, Chromium 21.0.1180.75, KDE Software Compilation 4.7.4, GNOME 3.4, Wine 1.5.10, VirtualBox 4.1.18, qemu-kvm 1.0, and more. Added features include support for ExFAT-fuse, repaired modemlink and gprsconnect, VirtualBox 4.1.18, etc.

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Ubuntu 12.04.1: The latest release has added support for the Calxeda ECX-1000 SoC family, so businesses can prepare for a data center dominated by low-energy, hyper scale servers by testing their workloads on the new hardware now. The Ubuntu Cloud archive also makes its debut.

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