How AI helps in delivering a game-playing experience without any malicious threat

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Games24x7, a tech company offers unique solutions using behavioural science, tech, & AI to address dynamic problem areas and thus, deliver immersive game-playing experiences. The company’s robust tech infrastructure can provide unique user data on all our platforms at any time.

“As we are all aware today, data has become ubiquitous, and therefore, it holds significant importance for us to gather unique insights basis the data. The right user insights then help us create and deliver a personalised gameplay experience, said Tridib Mukherjee, Vice President, and Head, AI & Data Science, Games24x7.

Our DS model plays an important role in analyzing the user behaviour while interacting on any of our platforms and provide a customized experience based on their interest and choices. Through such efforts, our objective is to allow users to engage on the platform in their own unique way, he added.

Games24x7 platform design & deploy highly secure & consistent systems which are not directly accessible to anyone within or outside the system, helping in detecting cases of fraud and cheating. The AI helps in determining whether a single user is connected through two different devices. So, cases of potential collusion are detected and flagged at an early stage.

Secondly, through the ‘Find My Game’ concept, a particular user is randomly matched with another user as and when he/she starts playing. In cases where two randomly chosen users are already connected, they are not allowed to operate together. Additionally, third-party services in the company’s infrastructure safeguard them from attacks or any other malicious intent.

Here are the main highlights of the interaction PCQ had with Tridib Mukherjee, Vice President, and Head, AI & Data Science, Games24x7.

PCQ: How has Games24x7 grown in the last few years?

The online gaming sector has witnessed fast-paced growth in the last few years. With over 100 million registered users across our platforms,  Games24x7’s growth momentum has been in line with that experienced by the industry.  While our very first game platform, RummyCircle, continues its leadership position in real-money skill gaming, our recently launched fantasy sports platform, My11Circle, has shown stupendous growth and is amongst the top fantasy sports platforms today. Last year, My11Circle saw a 100 percent growth in its user base.

This has been possible because of our tech and product focus.  Our evolved AI/ ML models not only allow us to gather better user insights but also offer a bespoke gaming experience.

Data science-driven automated scaling models, allow us to manage increases in workloads and user base as the platforms scale up,  and also seamlessly manage spikes during special events like IPL. It also allows us to forecast the spike and thereby, proactively scale up/down our fleet in a completely hands-of-the-wheel way. 

Going forward, our focus will be to deepen our technological capabilities in the areas of data science and multi-gaming architecture and thus, accelerate user growth on our platforms.

PCQ: How can AI and ML ensure responsible gaming?

Tridib: To ensure responsible gaming, the key is to comprehend the data correctly to be able to not just understand the current action of users but also pre-empt their actions. The data is looked at from multiple dimensions, especially the temporal dimension, to find out whether a user or a set of users is overindulging. So, we look into users’ gaming patterns based on the temporal aspects. This helps us understand whether they are showing a loss chasing behaviour, going aggressive in their gameplay, or playing a game when they shouldn’t.

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