How Analytics Works to Make Car Pooling a Memorable Experience

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 Arun Bhati, COO & Founder, Orahi

Our elders have always stressed a lot on the importance of matching 36 gunas to find a successful life partner, Orahi thought why not take it to another level when they profile and match their customers on their platform. The idea came about to avoid any unpleasant experience while ride sharing, What if you get a Pammi Aunty to travel with after a hectic day, who likes to gossip all the time or if you get stuck with a restless person, who every 5 minutes asks for their destination time? It gets very irritating and time consuming when your cab de routes a lot or your travel partner wastes a lot of time arguing over some discount coupons.

Wouldn’t it be relaxing if you get a perfect car pool partner, can be your colleague or a neighbour who travels in the same direction every day? People used to hesitate to pool their car with others because of many reasons like, security & safety, different mind-set, flexibility issues and embarrassing cash exchanges. Orahi, a car pooling platform matches 42 parameters while finding a pooling partner for their customers. For example, if a woman is coming to the platform for the first time, they match her with a car owner who has been given 5 star rating by females earlier.

They also consider a riding pattern of the consumer and then shows the perfect match. Trust is the most important factor while sharing your car with someone, Orahi considers a common ride factor to build that trust amongst two riders. Most importantly, they take care of social, economic and professional factors so that people can share their ride with others having a similar mind set. The 42 parameters match making criteria at Orahi provides one of the most unique and efficient way of finding a perfect car pool partner.

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